Youtuber Does A Smash Or Pass On Me

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  1. PianoTine Tunji

    PianoTine TunjiПре 17 минута

    Did he just say a headset and a camera worth 4kg?

  2. Manirat Karawiko

    Manirat KarawikoПре 25 минута

    ksi : i cant grow that many hair 5 year old kid : *takes marker and draw on my face* LOOK AT ME

  3. Sadak

    SadakПре 2 сата

    If only JJ saw the real smash or pass video, she said she'll smash him 😂

  4. EpikSky

    EpikSkyПре 2 сата

    im the 444,733 like at JJs video

  5. Paolo Piga

    Paolo PigaПре 4 сата

    rustig een paar videos met slotta

  6. 11. Patrick Mathew A

    11. Patrick Mathew AПре 7 сати

    4:14 😂😂😂😂 wtf

  7. redgod gaming

    redgod gamingПре 10 сати

    next he will say i'm the only Guy with 2 Js' in my youtube channel who has 2 diamond play buttons

  8. Ak_dilan

    Ak_dilanПре 10 сати

    5:03 what kind of fawkin laugh is it

  9. Dave Van Basten

    Dave Van BastenПре 12 сати


  10. Lialy

    LialyПре 15 сати

    hahahaha thanks for this video because I guess I’m gonna watch it again when my self worth goes down as well

  11. Homeless KiD

    Homeless KiDПре 15 сати

    NIGGA LAMP!!!!!!!

  12. OG SweaT

    OG SweaTПре 18 сати

    The sideman Sunday video came out on Sunday not SHIT 😭😂

  13. Lil Choppa

    Lil ChoppaПре 21 сат

    4:19 can we get a moment of silence for jj

  14. Dilan Gooneratne

    Dilan GooneratneПре дан

    4:17, he got rejected cus of the beard, we did it bois, I’m ded🤣🤣🤣

  15. Divyansh Tyagi

    Divyansh TyagiПре дан

    Now you have 3 mate congrats 💯

  16. JJ Massoud

    JJ MassoudПре дан

    #save JJ

  17. Ijteba Ur Rahman

    Ijteba Ur RahmanПре дан

    @5:00... Behind every blissful laugh..lies a painful tear...

  18. lil nateey

    lil nateeyПре дан

    4:05 don’t worry JJ there’s more fish in the sea. 😂😂😂

  19. No Name

    No NameПре дан

    Just Grow a beard next time jj

  20. ASAP SAVAGE Vlog Channel

    ASAP SAVAGE Vlog ChannelПре 2 дана

    lol we all know that girl is capping

  21. Elverno_ Benjamin

    Elverno_ BenjaminПре 2 дана

    Just grow the beard JJ😂😂

  22. Liam Birch

    Liam BirchПре 2 дана

    Deji has 2 diamond play buttons

  23. Tryon

    TryonПре 2 дана

    1 like = 1 pray for JJ

  24. Axec

    AxecПре 2 дана

    That's a normal weight with all them muscles brooo

  25. jaybread coolman

    jaybread coolmanПре 2 дана

    Everyone: justice for Rubik'scube guy Ksi: no Everyone: unsubscribe Ksi: NnoOO FaAaaAaAaMmm!!!!!

  26. T WRLD

    T WRLDПре 3 дана

    Cut it off

  27. T WRLD

    T WRLDПре 3 дана

    Everyone spam cut it off

  28. T WRLD

    T WRLDПре 3 дана

    Bro just shave the beard u don’t need it fam

  29. I dunno I still dunno

    I dunno I still dunnoПре 3 дана


  30. Kevin K

    Kevin KПре 3 дана

    Dude dope pp shirt!

  31. Desmond Osato

    Desmond OsatoПре 3 дана

    fam who is going to tell jj that the smash or pass was edited and the actually she actually said smash to jj

  32. Alief Official

    Alief OfficialПре 3 дана

    I know i am not the only one that is going to say pass on myself right?

  33. No_ Hacks

    No_ HacksПре 3 дана

    just realised that this video was made on my birthday

  34. Jithesh Mukesh rao

    Jithesh Mukesh raoПре 3 дана

    F's in chat fam

  35. Emanouel Babaee

    Emanouel BabaeeПре 3 дана

    The part she said..."god i think im in love"... I died😂😂😂😂

  36. vivian timah

    vivian timahПре 4 дана

    This hilarious 🤣

  37. Abdullah Al Xayed

    Abdullah Al XayedПре 4 дана

    This video is kinda painfull and sad to watch

  38. Bridger Wilson

    Bridger WilsonПре 4 дана

    Laughing but hurts on the inside😭😭😭😭


    REIZU ITACHIПре 4 дана

    F for Jj.

  40. Nate Sharpe

    Nate SharpeПре 4 дана

    JJ: I’m fine I’m fine.....:.I’m fine (dies inside)

  41. Nikusha Burnadze

    Nikusha BurnadzeПре 4 дана

    Nika tmg has 2 playbuttons too

  42. gothaplayz

    gothaplayzПре 4 дана

    JJ is not heavy, he's just dense

  43. Harish Raman

    Harish RamanПре 4 дана

    4:26 spain (without the s)

  44. Banana Face

    Banana FaceПре 4 дана

    Why Am I laughing and crying at the same time.

  45. Waldo Langley

    Waldo LangleyПре 5 дана

    the fotos of everyone else is shot at the perfect moment for maximum coolness meanile jjs foto makes him look like a idiot

  46. Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    Vain Aj - Founder #6kПре 5 дана

    Bro this is so funny😂😂

  47. Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    Vain Aj - Founder #6kПре 5 дана


  48. MagmaPlayz

    MagmaPlayzПре 5 дана


  49. BigBoi B Shorts

    BigBoi B ShortsПре 5 дана

    I still have no idea what his intro means

  50. chezzy

    chezzyПре 5 дана

    He said 3 kg for clothes and some headset

  51. Moonslayer#king XD

    Moonslayer#king XDПре 5 дана

    10:22 Is she high she loves vik more than everybody else

  52. S.A.M Production

    S.A.M ProductionПре 5 дана

    smile in pain

  53. Niverow

    NiverowПре 5 дана

    When the destruction began: 4:05

  54. Jonathan Shrier

    Jonathan ShrierПре 5 дана

    No Homo bro 😎 but dude if I were a girl bro you’d be the one it’s just something about your funny and awesome personality and heart! By the way this isn’t weird because I am literally 21 not under age not that it matters I just thought you would like to know I am not like 15 or something.

  55. Braden Sanders

    Braden SandersПре 6 дана

    My 15 year old brother is heavier than jj

  56. shaikha abdulaah

    shaikha abdulaahПре 6 дана

    Her name is Emily

  57. Leviwinterhunter

    LeviwinterhunterПре 6 дана

    the girl who was rating. I hate her. jk, look at her respond.

  58. PaPaBear. DRad

    PaPaBear. DRadПре 6 дана


  59. Sterpiez

    SterpiezПре 6 дана

    I know I’m not the only one who comes back months/years later to watch these

  60. Einfach Ville

    Einfach VilleПре 6 дана

    BrO bAtHrOoM rEvEaL

  61. Kassandra Gg

    Kassandra GgПре 6 дана

    Dang jj can I get a rip in chat

  62. Czar Clemente

    Czar ClementeПре 6 дана

    Sorry I’m new wat does gabt mean ;-;?

  63. Shanoor Ahmed

    Shanoor AhmedПре 6 дана

    Jj You look amazing my bro Your laughter makes my day bro I love your Chanel bro Peace ✌️

  64. Chocolate Cheese Is the best

    Chocolate Cheese Is the bestПре 6 дана

    Simon has no beard her smash. JJ has a little beard her I like men with facial hair.

  65. r6 reflex

    r6 reflexПре 7 дана

    Nope deji has two

  66. FireMexx

    FireMexxПре 7 дана

    Emily lieve mensen

  67. Sebastian Ortiz

    Sebastian OrtizПре 7 дана

    Rip ksi

  68. L-BADMIN

    L-BADMINПре 7 дана

    im giving this a like only because he's mad over emily black lmao

  69. Biruk .G

    Biruk .GПре 7 дана

    hahahahahhaahahhaah this guy

  70. JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones

    JJ Hugo Jackson-JonesПре 7 дана

    If JJ and that girl were toddlers, shed be mean to him in the playground. Sad to see my man falling for the jealousy tricks. Wife material aint that.

  71. Tobben 33b

    Tobben 33bПре 7 дана

    I like how if you weigh urself as over 90kg on the wii fit you will be counted as obease

  72. atronos kronios

    atronos kroniosПре 4 дана

    i used to think height was something, nvm

  73. Elias Mohammadi

    Elias MohammadiПре 7 дана

    She's racist she doesn't like black people


    TECH TRIOSПре 7 дана


  75. dibakar roy

    dibakar royПре 7 дана

    Who's the girl?

  76. Ahmed

    AhmedПре 7 дана

    Who’s the girl who passed him?

  77. Joe Foster

    Joe FosterПре 6 дана

    Emily Black

  78. ArcesTM

    ArcesTMПре 7 дана

    what does he say in the beginning? K S I L G B T??????????TF

  79. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa ZoroПре 8 дана

    *laughs in sad*

  80. Umar Arend

    Umar ArendПре 8 дана

    Who is that girl anyways 🤣

  81. MrTypical

    MrTypicalПре 8 дана


  82. JDGaming

    JDGamingПре 8 дана

    Girl says 'Pass' JJ's face - "Oh okay! Bit surprised but let's hear her reasoning" Girl - "I like a bit of facial hair" JJ - Pain.

  83. Just Daryl

    Just DarylПре 8 дана

    But don't have a beard why did he get a pass

  84. evil satan

    evil satanПре 8 дана

    justice for ksi

  85. PapAdministratxls

    PapAdministratxlsПре 8 дана

    yo ksi heavier than ethan what

  86. Eyuel Yiferu

    Eyuel YiferuПре 8 дана

    I love power rangers

  87. Ethan SUN [09S1]

    Ethan SUN [09S1]Пре 8 дана

    4:22 Pain in its purest form

  88. zamzy

    zamzyПре 8 дана

    now I see why jj snaked Vikk in deal or no deal..

  89. Karan Raj

    Karan RajПре 8 дана

    4:15 perfect example of "dying inside"


    HEISENBERGПре 8 дана

    6:17 Mrbeast: "Am I joke to you"

  91. Luke O’Halloran

    Luke O’HalloranПре 8 дана

    Guy can’t lift Ji JJ: let’s check his monthly listeners

  92. ARK ARK

    ARK ARKПре 8 дана

    11:20 - 11:48 when trump supporters are told that the election was not fraudulent...


    PLATINUMПре 9 дана

    So you mean I a 14 year have more facial hair then a 24 year old

  94. Gabriel

    GabrielПре 9 дана

    the only youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons *russian kid with 10 diamond play buttons* .. THE ONLY MALE WITH 2 DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS *male youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons* ... THE ONLY BLACK MAN WITH 2 DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS

  95. T22Ade

    T22AdeПре 9 дана

    JJ: I’m the only *black male* with 2 diamond play buttons Deji: *fades into the background*

  96. Thaiyub Ali

    Thaiyub AliПре 2 дана

    hahahahaha lol thats so true

  97. LiUjøñ LiUjøñ

    LiUjøñ LiUjøñПре 9 дана

    He is dying inside in the pass part

  98. Am0nG us On CracK :P

    Am0nG us On CracK :PПре 9 дана

    Pay jj his respects in the chat 👏 👏 👏

  99. R0USS3

    R0USS3Пре 10 дана

    JJ slowly loosing insanity 4:29

  100. younousse diawara

    younousse diawaraПре 10 дана

    the little girl my sis likes her and she is very anoying

  101. Caleb Benson

    Caleb BensonПре 10 дана

    Copyright your vids 😎

  102. kokoras kokora

    kokoras kokoraПре 10 дана

    She belong to the street

  103. Hamzi 246

    Hamzi 246Пре 10 дана

    ngl but i grew a beard at the age of 14. im 17 in a week now