What is my bro doing?

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  1. McMoyes04

    McMoyes04Пре дан

    I liked 1 question go



    02:25 dont be fooled ksi, he just used a mod to make it look like he made it. A build like that would take more. than 30hrs

  3. names are always taken

    names are always takenПре дан

    missed big forehead day but no one missed his forehead

  4. Cosmic Realities

    Cosmic RealitiesПре 2 дана

    8:02 that kid straight up a jake paul fan


    _ OVERDOSEПре 3 дана

    I think he’s turning it down because they both start dancing then stop when it stops showing it’s dead without it then it’s gas with it on

  6. 7moodH

    7moodHПре 3 дана

    Cant watch a video in a peaceful voice at 4 am, the intro is just a SCREAM

  7. Matt Shaw

    Matt ShawПре 4 дана

    I love democracy

  8. The next lazarbeam -2009

    The next lazarbeam -2009Пре 6 дана

    no cap 🧢 guys

  9. The next lazarbeam -2009

    The next lazarbeam -2009Пре 6 дана

    when jj was doing the vid it was my b day

  10. DogeBolt

    DogeBoltПре 6 дана

    Search ksi Martinez challenge and send it to jj on reddit

  11. Tonga Kautama

    Tonga KautamaПре 7 дана

    the only reason JJ lost to a Russian girl because his video was uploaded a week ago BUT the Russian girls video was uploaded a month ago.

  12. Light And darkness

    Light And darknessПре 8 дана

    start a reaction series

  13. pvz jay

    pvz jayПре 8 дана

    I think that Vik was talking about jj's pension size

  14. Crazyketchupguy

    CrazyketchupguyПре 9 дана

    JJ should of seen time to open up from deji

  15. Aman Saad

    Aman SaadПре 9 дана

    Jj : gives platinum to the guy who made a painting of him in minecraft Me who knows it deserves the TAPA : *Visible Confusion*

  16. Adam Wang

    Adam WangПре 8 дана

    he didn't make it

  17. Adam Wang

    Adam WangПре 8 дана

    it was generated

  18. Fat Boy

    Fat BoyПре 9 дана

    If you do the maths he could 15 mil by the end of this year

  19. Fat Boy

    Fat BoyПре 9 дана

    Get KSI 12 milly bro

  20. JustKelvin

    JustKelvinПре 10 дана

    Am I the only one that liked one question go?

  21. Chipo Basila

    Chipo BasilaПре 10 дана

    Good Suggestion:Have an Ultra Instinct Haircut. Better Suggestion: Go Bald

  22. FaZe brail

    FaZe brailПре 11 дана

    JJ beat the shit out of jake 😈😂

  23. me is big brain

    me is big brainПре 11 дана

    Deji is happy

  24. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG2874Пре 11 дана

    7:25 I've never smiled for so long

  25. Kisaa Haidery

    Kisaa HaideryПре 12 дана

    What the fuck is that beard so pretty❤️

  26. Drew Mistry

    Drew MistryПре 12 дана

    JJ: I don't bully him it's just banta Us: whoever has the most monthly listeners wins, oh that's established JJ doesn't bully Vick

  27. Drew Mistry

    Drew MistryПре 12 дана

    Come on JJ we know u can afford a veneno and insurance, then again here in Britain u'll probably have to sell it again unless uve filled the bank. Idk what'll u do about the people screaming dads money



    RIP Headphone Users 0:00

  29. Abrar Bhutto

    Abrar BhuttoПре 13 дана

    JJ: Ha, ha Rihanna has a bigger forehead than me! Rihanna: Alright lets check his monthly listener

  30. Syed Raza

    Syed RazaПре 13 дана

    when baba tunde second channel got more subscribers than ricegum

  31. Kooa1a boy

    Kooa1a boyПре 13 дана

    a white as boy who watch and enjoy

  32. TheLuxrayYt

    TheLuxrayYtПре 14 дана

    you must activate ur windows...

  33. The-X-Territory [Harvey Green]

    The-X-Territory [Harvey Green]Пре 14 дана

    Nux Taku on a KSI video? Life really is wonderful!

  34. joyuriismylife

    joyuriismylifeПре 14 дана

    That's what she said

  35. Jefri Luqman

    Jefri LuqmanПре 14 дана

    The only realistic youtuber

  36. DMX_ Holman

    DMX_ HolmanПре 15 дана

    Is deji jjs brother

  37. Tazeem RK

    Tazeem RKПре 16 дана

    JJ deji is not talking to u thats what hes doing plssss collab

  38. gagan kaur

    gagan kaurПре 16 дана

    The mincraft thing was fake you know.

  39. Yaaseen Zaid

    Yaaseen ZaidПре 17 дана

    Why is he calling him his 'bro'? I thought KSI was Deji's bro

  40. Zoom X

    Zoom XПре 17 дана

    I love how jj addresses the “jj olatunji” channel as our channel instead of his channel, that’s really wholesome and we appreciate u a lot jj, that makes me wanna subscribe a next million times but unfortunately I can only subscribe once

  41. I am very funny

    I am very funnyПре 18 дана

    5:17 challenge them to a boxing match

  42. Unknown Artist

    Unknown ArtistПре 18 дана

    Babatunde needs a RSclub channel

  43. time tell no lies

    time tell no liesПре 18 дана

    you fucking drop a lot

  44. Ed5p3ed 805

    Ed5p3ed 805Пре 18 дана

    4 months later and jj has got 1.6 million more subs

  45. Atharv Omkar Gaddam

    Atharv Omkar GaddamПре 19 дана

    How is JJ not verified!!!!

  46. Simp for itsilusion

    Simp for itsilusionПре 19 дана


  47. Jose Owoai1238

    Jose Owoai1238Пре 20 дана

    He got a pimple in his left cheek 😂

  48. JOnYt

    JOnYtПре 20 дана


  49. 17MED

    17MEDПре 20 дана

    2:23 fake

  50. Afnan Uddin

    Afnan UddinПре 20 дана

    00:00 when she realises its actually huge

  51. Kingston Marsters

    Kingston MarstersПре 21 дан

    Jj saying vik is like a brother to me Also jj saying hes FAT and sacking him on the bum

  52. Garth Leaning

    Garth LeaningПре 21 дан

    Here's a joke (why is it so dark in a apple store . Because there's no windows)

  53. Dominic Colangelo

    Dominic ColangeloПре 19 дана


  54. Jacob S

    Jacob SПре 21 дан

    9:15 I could never

  55. Kevin Joseph

    Kevin JosephПре 22 дана

    can somebody tell what gold or platinum is?

  56. Gabrijel Kovačev

    Gabrijel KovačevПре 23 дана

    9:44 i agree

  57. Bethany Mitchell

    Bethany MitchellПре 23 дана

    The tedious ladybug overwhelmingly water because mom steadily remind within a handsomely burst. humdrum, dynamic wire

  58. Cotton Tail

    Cotton TailПре 23 дана

    when your trying to start your car but it wont work 😂9:26

  59. Adamiah Morris

    Adamiah MorrisПре 25 дана

    Check your monthly listeners

  60. Rusty Wrench

    Rusty WrenchПре 25 дана

    Low key miss one question go

  61. Jason Staker

    Jason StakerПре 25 дана

    JJ. my hair is a bit clapped everyone. isnt it always jk ur a real g JJ

  62. Vital

    VitalПре 25 дана

    Australians love you. We love you. We love our Fateneek

  63. Abdo Vlogs

    Abdo VlogsПре 26 дана

    Becarful dont make fun of him he might check your monthley listeners🤣🤣

  64. Rehaan Shah

    Rehaan ShahПре 27 дана

    4:00 you can AKS Simon😂

  65. Angelo Manahan

    Angelo ManahanПре 27 дана

    i think that minecraft one is created by pixel art tho

  66. Javier Diaz

    Javier DiazПре 27 дана

    who’s here after jake knocked nate out

  67. DHarouni

    DHarouniПре 27 дана

    It’s funny how JJ got to 10m on his second channel before Deji got 10m on his MAIN 😂

  68. B&W Gaming

    B&W GamingПре 28 дана

    U fucken crashed it tho lmao

  69. Berat Ozturk

    Berat OzturkПре 28 дана

    Fuck big forehead day is my birth day

  70. Efrain Hellen

    Efrain HellenПре месец

    The symptomatic wealth postnatally protect because writer endogenously influence opposite a helpless operation. vagabond, warm bestseller

  71. khaled aldoraee

    khaled aldoraeeПре месец


  72. Frame sane

    Frame saneПре месец

    ey yo the fight with jake it would be sick if u had blue hair

  73. Akira Senpai

    Akira SenpaiПре месец

    Now I wonder how many of you know who Nuxtaku is...

  74. Skinny Burrito

    Skinny BurritoПре месец

    13:24 And the he checks their monthly listeners

  75. Red Advent

    Red AdventПре месец

    3:59 Jj 4 months ago Jj now: IM BULKING

  76. Thoams Davenport-kelly

    Thoams Davenport-kellyПре месец

    Jj: vik is like a brother to me. Simon: O so vik my brother in law

  77. Lazarbeam lazar

    Lazarbeam lazarПре 6 сати

    A hahahahahahahaha I'm died lol

  78. Mxtrix Agar

    Mxtrix AgarПре 8 дана

    @apex predator fr

  79. apex predator

    apex predatorПре 13 дана

    Dead memes get dislikes

  80. clorox Bleach

    clorox BleachПре 15 дана

    You said LIKE a brother not is a brother

  81. Sumay Gaitonde

    Sumay GaitondeПре 18 дана

    bruh ksimon has got boring now

  82. InshiroDowMi

    InshiroDowMiПре месец

    those car edits are cringe

  83. They Call Them Brad

    They Call Them BradПре месец

    JJ, from one autisic to another, the sound can overdrive and overwhelm the brain very quick. Also, camera pointing puts us on edge either nervously or aggressively

  84. IXeion

    IXeionПре месец

    Show us ur clapped hair jj

  85. Im Niceisit

    Im NiceisitПре месец

    is there's somebody know which videos that ksi reacted to meme and that meme is The Lion Sleeps Tonight song reversed, and KSI sang it along. Can somebody tell me which video that was? i was being so Curious about that.


    ANNIHILATORПре месец

    6:20 that car is called a Lamborghini veneno

  87. grimlock

    grimlockПре месец

    Horse meme is jj

  88. magic oneal

    magic onealПре месец

    9:03 😂😂😂😂

  89. Siddhanth96

    Siddhanth96Пре месец

    now he feels guilty about bullying vik

  90. Aura Icarus

    Aura IcarusПре месец

    Nux Taku do be a G doe..

  91. HI guys

    HI guysПре месец

    JJ: I love Vik steals 90k from Vik

  92. Too_eazY

    Too_eazYПре месец

    I don’t get it KSI’s hair is actually noice y everyone saying it trash 😂

  93. liam crutch

    liam crutchПре месец

    its just hit me. he doesnt need to bulk up so he can trurn fat into muscle against jake like he had to against logan so mans probs gonna look like he did against joe weller and with the blue hair maybe then fam its gonna be mad and with undeafeated playing

  94. maseeh mohamed

    maseeh mohamedПре месец

    stfu he hates vick

  95. Adam Hagag

    Adam HagagПре месец

    Reddit: *can't take an L* JJ: "Aight let's look at reddit's monthly listeners"

  96. Martialdjshudson C1Jean

    Martialdjshudson C1JeanПре месец

    What song was at 2:18?

  97. ZYLON _

    ZYLON _Пре месец

    Me: watches until 12:38 Also me: pretends like the 2nd of August isn’t my birthday

  98. Peter Diaz

    Peter DiazПре месец

    show your hair

  99. Black Phoenix

    Black PhoenixПре месец

    Funny how I get this in my recommended after his new video

  100. Mero_Refaat Refaat

    Mero_Refaat RefaatПре месец

    @The Book Of Corey me too

  101. The Book Of Corey

    The Book Of CoreyПре месец

    Same💀I thought this was Ksi’s response

  102. James Siu

    James SiuПре месец

    What is banter?

  103. E A

    E AПре месец

    Bro the Diana kid has 70.8 mil

  104. Nicky Shaver

    Nicky ShaverПре месец

    “Squeezed that idea fully out” Reddit videos...........

  105. Joco

    JocoПре месец

    he said don't go to parties in the middle of a pandemic, but made the "loose" music video.

  106. Damian Gonzalez

    Damian GonzalezПре месец

    Quick Tip: Dont eat while watching KSI you will choke .

  107. Jacob Kim

    Jacob KimПре месец

    Monthly listeners?

  108. KingLord Plays

    KingLord PlaysПре месец

    In four months he gain 1,300,000 subscribers wow.

  109. Farhan Ahmad

    Farhan AhmadПре месец

    Jj: 3:38 Also Jj's timetable: 1. Nothing 2. Reddit 3. Nothing

  110. Qaiser Kazim

    Qaiser KazimПре месец

    JJ just need to realise that the monthly listeners memes will never die and can never be forgotten.