This Reddit Video Is Ridiculous

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  1. Luka Korbesashvili

    Luka KorbesashviliПре 5 сати

    Damn More sidemen do be stealing ksi's thumbnails


    XYKOLZZ9Пре 10 сати

    1:02 tf?

  3. James

    JamesПре 10 сати

    Send reinforcements oh yeah yeah

  4. Latheesh Lakshmanan

    Latheesh LakshmananПре 12 сати

    Jj starts to say "mural" *cow mode activated*

  5. Narcs M

    Narcs MПре 14 сати

    1:02 "pushups"

  6. Kai Meade

    Kai MeadeПре 16 сати

    Im not liking the vid cuz it says 1 like for a prayer for arsenal to get relagated Naaaaaaaaah Im joking i love his vids


    _ OVERDOSEПре дан

    10:02 he should check his monthly listeners

  8. Kieran Davey

    Kieran DaveyПре дан


  9. Bluepix YT

    Bluepix YTПре дан

    2:40 Anyone saw the upvote number decrease?

  10. Khethokuhle Dlamini

    Khethokuhle DlaminiПре дан

    -1:17 KSI:NUT A DAY!!!!! ME:thanks for the advice fam✌

  11. Yassin Mansy

    Yassin MansyПре дан

    I swear JJ at when he talks about arsenal is how I'm talking about liverpool right now. 7 GAMES NO WIN???? CMON MAN THIS IS TRAGIC.

  12. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezПре 2 дана

    Not him making fun of the seal for celebrating his curl ups when he fucking goes wild for saying mural 💀

  13. Αρχίδαμος Βλαχοπιπερίδης

    Αρχίδαμος ΒλαχοπιπερίδηςПре 2 дана

    Imagine if JJ had completely iced out glasses

  14. Jeremii _

    Jeremii _Пре 2 дана

    6:08 bro this video got me 😭😭

  15. VrKid

    VrKidПре 2 дана


  16. MrAliAsian

    MrAliAsianПре 3 дана


  17. Gray wolf

    Gray wolfПре 3 дана

    Omfg😂😂😂lamo!!😂😂 that's amazing 🤭😂😂

  18. Eric Guest

    Eric GuestПре 3 дана

    Don't worry JJ liverpool did it as well

  19. Gyrx Fn

    Gyrx FnПре 3 дана

    Whoever posted that mural post, thought jj was gonna give him/her gold

  20. Get Shrekt

    Get ShrektПре 3 дана

    PUSH UPS?????

  21. Cal Baz

    Cal BazПре 4 дана

    Ksi read this comment in my comment

  22. Cal Baz

    Cal BazПре 4 дана

    Arsenal is shit

  23. Spider Monkey

    Spider MonkeyПре 4 дана

    Ji saying mural Meow

  24. Rufus

    RufusПре 4 дана

    10:50 when you get the n-word pass

  25. Rise OfKingdoms

    Rise OfKingdomsПре 5 дана

    He did 3 PUSHUPS? Those were SITUPS. LMFAO

  26. Redux Gamez

    Redux GamezПре 5 дана

    What you came for 7:44

  27. chlo

    chloПре 5 дана

    5:35 atleast you dont have both like me lmaao

  28. Vishaal Singh Chauhan

    Vishaal Singh ChauhanПре 5 дана

    jj wins one fight --bad man sees this eylobadonha

  29. xXMeteorGoldXx

    xXMeteorGoldXxПре 5 дана

    Congrats for saying mural

  30. Wolvves

    WolvvesПре 5 дана

    Omg when JJ said mural it was like the key to the universe was finally uncovered for all of humanity.

  31. Nityay Jadhav

    Nityay JadhavПре 6 дана

    Ozil 😭

  32. joydeep behera

    joydeep beheraПре 6 дана

    Is anyone going to talk about how he gave 20,000 points to just some dumb thing and for good drawings and stuff gets 1,800

  33. Texas Ninja

    Texas NinjaПре 6 дана

    JJ: laughs at ender man meme JJ: scrolls down to comments and seeing the comment "I thought he wasn't supposed to be tall" JJ:😑😡😢 nah fam

  34. oh_look_its_eli

    oh_look_its_eliПре 6 дана

    Did you just call a sit up a push up?😳

  35. Squidwerd _ishot

    Squidwerd _ishotПре 6 дана

    When knife makes a “chomp” noise

  36. G O D

    G O DПре 7 дана

    Is it just me or when KSI said COVID, it sounded like Kobe

  37. Mohammed Almansoori

    Mohammed AlmansooriПре 7 дана


  38. Oliver Hardtke

    Oliver HardtkeПре 7 дана

    Não entendi porra nenhuma mas tô acompanhado kkkkk

  39. Umar Khan

    Umar KhanПре 8 дана

    I’m from Burnley and I feel violated even though I support lfc

  40. Harsha V

    Harsha VПре 8 дана

    3:48 the only reason I liked it...

  41. Hobby_Los TV

    Hobby_Los TVПре 9 дана

    JJ lets goo

  42. Hugo Maxim

    Hugo MaximПре 9 дана

    Oy, JJ, I’m 10 years old and I’m from Hungary 🇭🇺, and I can say negligible normally

  43. Hugo Maxim

    Hugo MaximПре 9 дана

    And I take that back

  44. Nihal de soysa

    Nihal de soysaПре 9 дана

    Bro those aint pushups ... thr called crunches bud lol

  45. Nilen Abeyratna

    Nilen AbeyratnaПре 9 дана

    jj: i am doing it saying mule :)

  46. Nilen Abeyratna

    Nilen AbeyratnaПре 9 дана

    me mom dead :(((((((((((((((((

  47. Izzat Mazlan

    Izzat MazlanПре 9 дана

    will he use the word mural in his new song?

  48. Velishae Skillz

    Velishae SkillzПре 10 дана

    10:52 when white people get a dark tan that makes them look black and thinks they can say the N-word😭😂😂

  49. Spongebob

    SpongebobПре 10 дана

    white people when they get the n word pass 10:50

  50. Manuel Lozano

    Manuel LozanoПре 10 дана

    Sit ups 🤨

  51. Timmy 3D

    Timmy 3DПре 10 дана


  52. Armaan Sumbal

    Armaan SumbalПре 10 дана

    1:02 This guy said he did three push ups :/

  53. #Lil Wolfy!

    #Lil Wolfy!Пре 11 дана

    When mo made jj’s face go big it reminded me of Toby #. /. \. # /. \ / \ /. \ - -- --

  54. pokemon go kid 21 gaming

    pokemon go kid 21 gamingПре 11 дана

    My guy is funny

  55. Chlybn707

    Chlybn707Пре 11 дана

    Does he realize he’s still saying it wrong?

  56. Wizard Marshall

    Wizard MarshallПре 12 дана

    Kilode=what happened

  57. IMA PLEB

    IMA PLEBПре 12 дана


  58. Alec Tseng

    Alec TsengПре 12 дана

    big man mistakes situp for pushup lmfao 1:01

  59. ツHarry

    ツHarryПре 12 дана

    1:01 man said push ups 🤦🏻‍♂️


    SIMP POLICEПре 12 дана

    You mean redditculious?! Okay im gonna stop

  61. N9

    N9Пре 12 дана

    I just realised domain was playing at 0:50 way before it came out

  62. q_Sxm

    q_SxmПре 12 дана

    Wait rewind to 1:00 and he said three push ups not situps ladies and gentlemen we gottem

  63. Not_ShadBoi

    Not_ShadBoiПре 13 дана


  64. 1,000 subs No video

    1,000 subs No videoПре 13 дана

    10:50 when white people get the n word pass



    no one: not even bots: ksi: cHoMp , cHoMp , cHoMp

  66. James Estremera

    James EstremeraПре 13 дана

    Me: Getting excited getting a Victory Royale in Fortnite Arena Solos JJ: Getting excited saying the word Mural

  67. Альфа Задрот

    Альфа ЗадротПре 13 дана

    This is business

  68. Soul Savage

    Soul SavageПре 14 дана

    jj you said push ups you ment sit ups watch at 1:00

  69. TKAUR_1234

    TKAUR_1234Пре 14 дана

    0:31 😳😭💀💀😂😂😂

  70. Samuel Andary

    Samuel AndaryПре 14 дана

    bro that one with the balls fucking killed me

  71. Ginger Beard

    Ginger BeardПре 14 дана

    Mans called sit ups push-ups

  72. Miles ThePacific

    Miles ThePacificПре 14 дана

    6:14 to 7:06 I was doing 52 second abs, nearly killed me🤣🤣🤣

  73. CCGStatic

    CCGStaticПре 14 дана

    When 12 yeat old white kids get the N-Word pass 10:50

  74. Dr Mikias

    Dr MikiasПре 15 дана

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  75. Big Boi2.7

    Big Boi2.7Пре 15 дана

    1:04 jj said he was doing push ups 😂😂

  76. Jonathan Pabs

    Jonathan PabsПре 15 дана

    He sounds like he's summoning Mew from the poke ball

  77. Humayun Ahmed

    Humayun AhmedПре 15 дана

    Man didn’t even give him a award

  78. Mark377 Rodica

    Mark377 RodicaПре 15 дана


  79. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Пре 15 дана

    JJ now click baiting. noice

  80. Greenville Roleplay

    Greenville RoleplayПре 15 дана

    Mural mural mural mural mural mural mural

  81. Forh Memts

    Forh MemtsПре 16 дана

    I'm good hbu?

  82. Hugo Dobrossy

    Hugo DobrossyПре 16 дана


  83. Waseem Durgahee

    Waseem DurgaheeПре 16 дана

    Yo what is the outro song?

  84. itsjustfrost

    itsjustfrostПре 16 дана

    0:31 king crimson netflix adaptation

  85. Dino Lievano

    Dino LievanoПре 16 дана

    Try not to laugh omg soooo hard

  86. Diego Mejia

    Diego MejiaПре 16 дана

    Where boys cried: COD cold war😔 Where men cried: Master oogway😖 Where legends cried: 10:28😭

  87. Kaideツ

    KaideツПре 16 дана

    oi where is the last reddit post award for teaching him to say mural????

  88. Anderson Senthilkumar

    Anderson SenthilkumarПре 16 дана

    1:00 Seal: *does sit-ups JJ: “he did like 3 push-ups

  89. NoFunction7628

    NoFunction7628Пре 4 дана

    He doesn’t know cause he doesn’t work out

  90. Dimitri Nathaniel

    Dimitri NathanielПре 4 дана

    I paused the video to find this comment

  91. Gabriel Duenes

    Gabriel DuenesПре 16 дана


  92. Logan Adams

    Logan AdamsПре 16 дана

    0:50-1:03 . man has a whole damn boxing career and still can’t tell the diff between and push-up and a sit-up 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  93. Emile Jagroep

    Emile JagroepПре 16 дана

    0:54 Man legit said Push-ups....

  94. Millz. .

    Millz. .Пре 17 дана

    Ngl I was upset when he sneezed and said “COVID” like stop that

  95. aerials

    aerialsПре 16 дана

    then get off his channel

  96. The Guy

    The GuyПре 17 дана

    6:08 funniest thing I have ever seen

  97. Layne May

    Layne MayПре 17 дана

    The Reddit’s tho

  98. Joel Chigozie Iwuala

    Joel Chigozie IwualaПре 17 дана

    everyone dat liked dis vid who were 368k to pray for arsenal to get relegated gd job

  99. Jaya Iyer

    Jaya IyerПре 17 дана

    All I hear is myu

  100. Cade Lambert

    Cade LambertПре 17 дана

    He has bandicam install at the bottom of his screen

  101. Minievo06

    Minievo06Пре 18 дана

    Why did jj say push ups like they are sit ups

  102. Random animator

    Random animatorПре 18 дана

    The guy that hepled jj say mural deserved the ternion award

  103. Singh Parm

    Singh ParmПре 19 дана

    7:28 hear the sadness in his voice

  104. Ali DcBoy

    Ali DcBoyПре 19 дана

    When he sneeze 🤧 and said COVID

  105. Giles Roache

    Giles RoacheПре 19 дана

    I like how he gets so happy from learning to say a 5 letter word