The Only Youtuber With 2 Diamond Play Buttons

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Shoutout to Brosheb for this insane video
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  1. Amazingfahim

    AmazingfahimПре 28 минута

    jj:i am the only youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons the OFFICIAL youtube channel and there factory of diamond play buttons: ARE WE A JOKE TO U?

  2. fOOl Shrine

    fOOl ShrineПре сат


  3. LogieJim

    LogieJimПре сат

    next film: Dragonball FatNeek

  4. shadow crust

    shadow crustПре 3 сата


  5. Tryon

    TryonПре 4 сата

    JJ the only RSclubr with 2 diamond play buttons Me wait he’s black

  6. Tryon

    TryonПре 4 сата

    Honestly the intro was cringe

  7. Ruthless animations

    Ruthless animationsПре 5 сати

    mo's second name is my 2nd name

  8. RTX\ Mohamed

    RTX\ MohamedПре 6 сати

    Lol I CRYED FOR 1 hour LOLLLLL😭😭😭😭

  9. Harvey Webster

    Harvey WebsterПре 7 сати

    the distance between his eyebrows and the du rag is so miniscule

  10. Jotaro kujo OVA

    Jotaro kujo OVAПре 7 сати

    Me thinking about series off this In today's ep of dragon ball jj

  11. Bryan Partida

    Bryan PartidaПре 8 сати

    Is everyone forgetting that Romanatwood also has 2

  12. dhany indranata

    dhany indranataПре 9 сати

    this is me legit when i was 8 watching WWE

  13. Joseph Tavarez mejia

    Joseph Tavarez mejiaПре 10 сати

    Hola soy Germán got his second diamond button 3 years ago

  14. Priyesh Joshi

    Priyesh JoshiПре 11 сати

    Roman atwood got two like two years ago

  15. Gerad Hernandez

    Gerad HernandezПре 11 сати

    Wait doesn’t mr.beast have 2?

  16. Thomas sechiari

    Thomas sechiariПре 12 сати

    Roman Atwood had two before you

  17. Josh Pritchard

    Josh PritchardПре 14 сати

    Romanatwood has 2😂

  18. Grey - Greens

    Grey - GreensПре 14 сати

    That bear hits harder then Jake Paul.

  19. Nelly Hernadez

    Nelly HernadezПре 15 сати

    Who else thought he was gonna be blueski

  20. McDaniel's

    McDaniel'sПре 16 сати

    Willyrex and German: am I a joke to you?

  21. TheChan :D

    TheChan :DПре 16 сати

    Juega Germán was the first RSclubr to get 2 10 mil play buttons u dummy lol

  22. Leonardo

    LeonardoПре 19 сати

    Auronplay? Hola soy germán.

  23. Among Us

    Among UsПре 19 сати

    Kai check your reddiit

  24. elie f.2007

    elie f.2007Пре 20 сати

    Nope ur not, mrbeast has 3+i think :)

  25. Limited_Louie

    Limited_LouieПре 22 сата


  26. dxsrxpt

    dxsrxptПре 23 сата

    So we not gon talk about 4:25

  27. cuh ??

    cuh ??Пре дан


  28. ELIAS L N S

    ELIAS L N SПре дан

    1:23 get it ass out of here 😂😂😂

  29. ELIAS L N S

    ELIAS L N SПре дан

    Yo somebody stop that shit

  30. LW.7

    LW.7Пре дан

    I actually thought this was gonna hit a million.

  31. Lodi

    LodiПре дан

    Whos watching this the 36th time?

  32. Koritsu- 孤立

    Koritsu- 孤立Пре дан

    this was hard to watch

  33. Mrbro

    MrbroПре дан


  34. Yaaseen Zaid

    Yaaseen ZaidПре дан

    And now we have hit number one of most intense anime fights of all time...

  35. Connor ZHOU

    Connor ZHOUПре дан

    Imagine being a neighbor and seeing a man fighting his teddy bear, doing kame kame ha and screaming BITCH

  36. azza the great

    azza the greatПре дан

    Bruh what about Roman Atwood lol

  37. Red Renegade

    Red RenegadeПре дан

    I have a respectful hatred for ksi



    am i tripping or did he forget about romanatwood

  39. shiv patel

    shiv patelПре дан

    That’s 3 cause #jacksucksatlife has a ksi play button

  40. cuh ??

    cuh ??Пре дан

    @cuh ??

  41. cuh ??

    cuh ??Пре дан


  42. Boomer

    BoomerПре дан

    Imagine how good this is with his song DOMAIN

  43. Ralsei

    RalseiПре дан

    Jj: I’m The first person with two diamond playbuttons Tseries: um dude we have like 7

  44. Chuza_ Joshua_8R

    Chuza_ Joshua_8RПре дан

    Well actually Mr Beast has a gaming channel with 13.8 mil subs...

  45. Jude Moore

    Jude MooreПре дан

    No one talking about Callux 9:05 *Poor Callux*

  46. Almostafa Awad

    Almostafa AwadПре дан

    I Wonder what the cameraman thinks when he does that in front of the greenscreen

  47. The Purple Fox

    The Purple FoxПре 2 дана

    The first youtuber to have aver actually gotten 2 diamond play button was hola soy german and that was several years ago

  48. cuh ??

    cuh ??Пре 2 дана

    Best 10 minutes of my life

  49. Пре 2 дана

    It’s goku he copied goku but it is Ksi vs teddy bear

  50. newson kabir

    newson kabirПре 2 дана

    It's like dragon ball Z

  51. illuminati kristina

    illuminati kristinaПре 2 дана

    Wtf am I watching

  52. Ryken Taggs

    Ryken TaggsПре 2 дана

    Mrbeast has 3 diamond play button

  53. Kenrick PLUMMER

    Kenrick PLUMMERПре 2 дана

    Mr beast too

  54. DAM GUY

    DAM GUYПре 2 дана

    See t-series channels playlist....they have 5 diamond play button bro😂

  55. Michael Balazs

    Michael BalazsПре 2 дана

    Who here after he's gotten his 69th diamond play button

  56. Polite productions

    Polite productionsПре 2 дана

    Tell that to Mrbeast

  57. ITsMrBRodIE1

    ITsMrBRodIE1Пре 2 дана

    T-Series has like 6 diamond play buttons

  58. Pot Blox

    Pot BloxПре 2 дана

    KSI *animal abusing* for *10 Minutes straight*

  59. Eddie ́s Life

    Eddie ́s LifeПре 2 дана

    Bear’s brain: dont stop daddy

  60. Aidan Gill

    Aidan GillПре 2 дана

    Roman atwood

  61. Maahir Shah

    Maahir ShahПре 3 дана

    It's fun and games until MrBeast creates 7 channels

  62. DAM GUY

    DAM GUYПре 3 дана

    People who will get 2 diamond play button Carry minati and carry is live Techno gammer and ujjwal Triggered insaan and live insaan 😎😎Like if u love 3 of them

  63. FF Gaming

    FF GamingПре 3 дана

    The edit in this video is all his videos edited together

  64. SAJ Crafter&Gamer

    SAJ Crafter&GamerПре 3 дана

    What is this?

  65. Echo

    EchoПре 3 дана

    Jj: I’m the only one with 2 10mill plaques Mrbeast, unspeakable, etc. are you sure about that

  66. TU PAC

    TU PACПре 3 дана

    Roman atwood be like i already got that 9 years ago sad ksi

  67. Saif Alhameli

    Saif AlhameliПре 3 дана

    roman atwood got 2 diamond play button in 2016

  68. Aliradha Alsaidy

    Aliradha AlsaidyПре 3 дана

    The only man with 3* diamond play buttons

  69. Fam. Koningen

    Fam. KoningenПре 3 дана

    the Diamond play button should’ve already shattered

  70. ACe Ventura10

    ACe Ventura10Пре 3 дана

    Best RSclubd our there

  71. im me

    im meПре 3 дана

    #baldski #beerus #dimons this video

  72. Stephen

    StephenПре 3 дана

    You mean 3 Diamond Play Buttons JJ Olatunji, KSI and Sidemen

  73. YayayIsCool

    YayayIsCoolПре 3 дана


  74. Pavlos Allkja

    Pavlos AllkjaПре 3 дана

    JJ:Am they only one with 2 play potens Me:Me laughing when he realizes

  75. AmCan Tech

    AmCan TechПре 3 дана

    Help me get my first play button

  76. F

    FПре 3 дана

    Hahah nice DBSUPER!!

  77. Micah Skiles

    Micah SkilesПре 4 дана

    What is this fight he can’t stand up to a teddy bear

  78. Micah Skiles

    Micah SkilesПре дан


  79. Yaaseen Zaid

    Yaaseen ZaidПре дан

    Watch when he babatunde gets promoted to super saiyan... then we'll see whose laughing

  80. MATIAS 7.0

    MATIAS 7.0Пре 4 дана

    Alguém do Brasil?

  81. Mani Bhushan

    Mani BhushanПре 4 дана

    Mrbeast - oh really

  82. Eissas Life

    Eissas LifeПре 4 дана

    He should give 50% of his earnings to the editor

  83. GalacticFries

    GalacticFriesПре 4 дана

    JJ: Im the only youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons MrBeast: Hold my credit card

  84. Rafael Kresna

    Rafael KresnaПре дан

    Actually jj have 3

  85. Ebrahim Alghaithy

    Ebrahim AlghaithyПре 4 дана

    Nope roman atwood has 2 too

  86. GhostMP4

    GhostMP4Пре 4 дана

    this is sick

  87. Wealllovengolo

    WealllovengoloПре 4 дана

    I love u man but ur sooooo cocky 🤣

  88. Slan MTG

    Slan MTGПре 4 дана

    JackSucksAtLife got 2 too


    BRAVO GAMESПре 5 дана

    better anime than DBS 😂😂

  90. PlayingPlayer1430

    PlayingPlayer1430Пре 5 дана

    8 mins long intro be like

  91. Sohiab Younis

    Sohiab YounisПре 5 дана

    just imagine how dumb it looks without the effects

  92. R3MP3GE

    R3MP3GEПре 5 дана

    This man could beat grand zeno XD

  93. Aiden El-Ansary

    Aiden El-AnsaryПре 5 дана

    Star Wars recreated

  94. ALI ABDI

    ALI ABDIПре 5 дана

    Fun fact there are 2 Russian kids with 11 Diamond plates

  95. Kenzie

    KenzieПре 5 дана

    Well now you got three

  96. Duke- San

    Duke- SanПре 5 дана

    Bearus is better than logan Paul we all agree aight?

  97. Sekku Sn

    Sekku SnПре 5 дана

    Ur trash dude

  98. Mr NP

    Mr NPПре 5 дана

    Dragon ball JJ

  99. Risky Azka

    Risky AzkaПре 5 дана

    that's how i would play with a teddy bear

  100. ashton gagnon

    ashton gagnonПре 5 дана

    Buddy romanatwood actually has two as well and he got it like 3 years ago

  101. Siddarth

    SiddarthПре 5 дана

    Meanwhile Mr.Beast:

  102. Terence Campbell

    Terence CampbellПре 5 дана

    Goku black saga

  103. Jockie

    JockieПре 5 дана

    Mr beast?hold my play botton