Ricegum is down BAD

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  1. Valentina Petrova

    Valentina PetrovaПре 11 сати

    Let's me honest the drawing was better than other drawings

  2. DARK 999亗

    DARK 999亗Пре 14 сати

    who tf is ricegum ? oh he's a new youtuber ?

  3. OP虎皇

    OP虎皇Пре дан

    7:50 what is happening

  4. Toomise

    ToomiseПре дан

    Rice gum just streams on twitch now

  5. nani

    naniПре дан

    2:09 i thought he said eagles..

  6. George Arthur

    George ArthurПре дан

    Exactly what I heard

  7. Thomas Keating

    Thomas KeatingПре 2 дана

    Music industry "Ksi...HAVE SOME PLATINUM"

  8. Sebastian

    SebastianПре 3 дана


  9. Wolf-936

    Wolf-936Пре 3 дана

    "Fit League! Fit-Ah you can't fucking see anything-fuck you" "Fucking spar me all of you! I'll fucking take all of you on" Are things only JJ can say, and make it absolutely hilarious.

  10. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghПре 3 дана

    14:12 dint she looks like halsey

  11. Patrick the penguin

    Patrick the penguinПре 4 дана


  12. Man You Right

    Man You RightПре 5 дана

    I forgot who ricegum was


    XXX TENTACIONПре 6 дана

    When you see ksi lick his lips you already know that he doesnt like your post

  14. TkSharma

    TkSharmaПре 6 дана

    7:50 ayoo🤣🤣🤣

  15. Richella River

    Richella RiverПре 7 дана

    Castor oil is amazing tho. I use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows and they've grown so much, also brought back a lot of hair growth that my mum lost and her hair looks thick and healthy. 10/10 cannot recommend enough.

  16. Trepz_on_Crack

    Trepz_on_CrackПре 7 дана

    Its funny that im 14 and my height is 6'2

  17. Hrishi Natahn

    Hrishi NatahnПре 8 дана

    Man now i want corpse to sing the song

  18. Ludwig Loaiza

    Ludwig LoaizaПре 9 дана

    I honestly wouldn't mind ricegum back with his ghost writer to diss ksi

  19. ReKeZoSo

    ReKeZoSoПре 9 дана

    Imagine a boxing match with 7 of the sidemen and they all pick the’reown opponent

  20. Brandon Adkins

    Brandon AdkinsПре 9 дана

    Ric is a walking L

  21. Luvnith Maruthi

    Luvnith MaruthiПре 10 дана


  22. Rʏᴀɴ Gʀᴇᴇɴ

    Rʏᴀɴ GʀᴇᴇɴПре 10 дана

    Who tf is ricegum?

  23. Corey Ali

    Corey AliПре 10 дана


  24. Michael Zivan

    Michael ZivanПре 11 дана

    No hate KSI I’m 14 and I’m 6’1”

  25. Scott

    ScottПре 11 дана

    Who is even ricegum

  26. Venkatesh Kolli

    Venkatesh KolliПре 11 дана

    Yo KSI, watch AOT again. Collosal titan did break the wall.

  27. Dredd

    DreddПре 12 дана

    When KSI can’t say ya local off god

  28. Ben S

    Ben SПре 12 дана

    Ya local off god.... Yallo caaall what?

  29. 1xvvv

    1xvvvПре 12 дана

    Beerus is sure to to return in 2-3 years, the only way to beat him is to GET HYPER.

  30. MaxyBoss Plays

    MaxyBoss PlaysПре 13 дана

    Last time it was at 124587 Now rice is at 118257

  31. mya nevaeh

    mya nevaehПре 13 дана

    guys look at 12:20....... yea simon is defo under them black sheets💀😫

  32. Patko Gadzo

    Patko GadzoПре 13 дана


  33. Kid Mortu

    Kid MortuПре 13 дана

    look at dis mans breasticles


    GLITHZ GAMINGПре 15 дана



    GLITHZ GAMINGПре 14 дана

    @Romey Morrello don't stop me don't stop me ohuhoh

  36. Romey Morrello

    Romey MorrelloПре 14 дана

    hey hey hey

  37. ItzAlex Plays

    ItzAlex PlaysПре 15 дана

    He got platinum cause of Jake paul

  38. Sans

    SansПре 16 дана

    9:15 doubt you could no hit run me

  39. yt_po1oboyyy3 s

    yt_po1oboyyy3 sПре 16 дана

    What the fuck is a ricegum ? 😂

  40. karrly

    karrlyПре 16 дана


  41. Prosoldier

    ProsoldierПре 16 дана

    This guys might as well use his won potion to grow his own beard


    RAMEEZ MOHAMEDПре 17 дана

    i drank Dababy potion now im the da baby

  43. minechan

    minechanПре 19 дана

    .k O K 9k 9k mkkkm

  44. fliqqzzy

    fliqqzzyПре 20 дана

    2:38 I’m dead 😭😭😭💀💀💀😭😭😭

  45. Angel Andrade

    Angel AndradeПре 20 дана

    Bro if you a Coryxkenshin fan 5 months is nothing

  46. sima bahzadi

    sima bahzadiПре 20 дана

    I want a video with deji

  47. Juthomic

    JuthomicПре 21 дан

    Imagine Corpse is in the AOTP Ablum

  48. Ethan Michaels

    Ethan MichaelsПре 21 дан

    hah 16. Ive been taller since I was 12

  49. ClipThatThingYe

    ClipThatThingYeПре 22 дана


  50. Younh Boy vault

    Younh Boy vaultПре 23 дана

    I see ksi growing a beard as if your dad can’t grow a beard or any sort of facial hair you can’t

  51. KSI Clips

    KSI ClipsПре 24 дана

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  52. Aqui_The_Flipper

    Aqui_The_FlipperПре 25 дана

    9:23 I'll drop you lol

  53. Lawlz 4Dayz

    Lawlz 4DayzПре 27 дана

    U mean asian jake paul?

  54. Emmanuel patrich

    Emmanuel patrichПре 27 дана

    He down horrendus

  55. XMAN FN

    XMAN FNПре 29 дана

    Who is ricegum?

  56. PANDA

    PANDAПре месец

    The only reason ricegum has 10 mil is beacause of his laugh

  57. Emo Vegan

    Emo VeganПре месец

    16:00 yooo haha 😂

  58. muhammad shah

    muhammad shahПре месец

    lol man said super SAIYON horse! wtf's a saiyon horse

  59. Xavier Adams

    Xavier AdamsПре месец

    I’m taller than you and I’m 13




  61. TC na99xXD

    TC na99xXDПре месец

    so thats why my mom shouts at me when I say neek

  62. Hara Rama gaming

    Hara Rama gamingПре месец


  63. JUAN PAN

    JUAN PANПре месец

    Song was a banger

  64. Spoiled milk

    Spoiled milkПре месец


  65. Jeison Rubio

    Jeison RubioПре месец

    Ksi i love you but ricegum had got -more money -better girls -nicer house -better car so dont even try to diss him

  66. Harry Tibbs

    Harry TibbsПре 12 дана

    1. House and cars are materialistic and not a proper measure of success 2. KSI is making way more nowadays 3. Better girls? You mean the ones he’s subscribed to on onlyfans?


    BRUDDA OSASПре месец

    I wish rice gum actually made good content again why he had to change

  68. Oof Ouch

    Oof OuchПре месец

    Who tf is ricegum lmao

  69. Enoch _

    Enoch _Пре месец

    Down horrendous

  70. Quinn Flemming

    Quinn FlemmingПре месец

    The attack on titan one had me dead😭😭😭

  71. The Anime Box

    The Anime BoxПре месец

    I love how with the bandicam thing he didn't even bother to defend himself LMFAO man straight owned up his lie didn't even care XD

  72. Mared Morris

    Mared MorrisПре месец

    Clearly is down bad😓

  73. MRRJ2313

    MRRJ2313Пре месец


  74. lil scottie

    lil scottieПре месец

    Nobody: JJ’s impression of corpse: EGÏrLŚ MAkË mĖe HARDDD

  75. Lord Beerus

    Lord BeerusПре 2 дана

    bruh he sounds the same to me

  76. d t

    d tПре 17 дана


  77. zNxghtmare_98

    zNxghtmare_98Пре месец


  78. Ghxlls

    GhxllsПре месец

    If it wasn’t for this beef I wouldn’t know who rice gum is

  79. ZerOEditZ

    ZerOEditZПре месец

    Ngl i still seriously dont know who ricecum is lmao

  80. MrLogic

    MrLogicПре месец

    @VENOMOUSTALKR PLAYZ "ur name seems so ironic now xD" Okay if your name is mr poopybutthole is your butthole gonna be poopy no. And you think because my name is logic im gonna know everything, and have an iq of 5,000? No im not. And how was your comment sarcastic? Nothing is sarcastic about it.



    @Spoiled milk this is my real acc lmao,now check the date i joined lol,my comment was sarcastic why are you guys so bad at it jeez



    @MrLogic heres my real acc lmao now check the date i joined,ur name seems so ironic now XD,btw my comment was sarcastic and u shud read it again

  83. ZerOEditZ

    ZerOEditZПре месец

    @Spoiled milk nah dude i have an acc more than 5yrs old,so yea lol,i was sarcastic here,u guys suck at sarcasm dot yall

  84. ZerOEditZ

    ZerOEditZПре месец

    @MrLogic i joined 5yrs+ ago on from my other chanell,just thoought i shud make a new acc for yt lmao

  85. RIISK

    RIISKПре месец

    This is the most attention ricecum has gotten in a while

  86. The Guy

    The GuyПре месец

    Imagine introducing yourself to the moderaters in the conference hall and getting fired

  87. ayeshaa

    ayeshaaПре месец

    Is ksi racist towards muslims?

  88. Daniel Farrell

    Daniel FarrellПре месец


  89. KC DeForge

    KC DeForgeПре месец

    "How many muscles do you need?" LMAO. 🤣

  90. Epic Gaming

    Epic GamingПре месец

    16:52 JJ as a woman

  91. Faded

    FadedПре месец

    🔪 wanna spar now?

  92. Archie jay the frenchie

    Archie jay the frenchieПре месец

    And it was a banger!!

  93. Yashua Raging

    Yashua RagingПре месец

    I actually forgot he existed...

  94. Broke boi FTC

    Broke boi FTCПре месец


  95. Devin Neville

    Devin NevilleПре месец

    My birthday is may 24


    STREAKSПре месец

    2:13 JJ sounds exactly lyk a robot

  97. Keisha Nyangoma

    Keisha NyangomaПре месец

    Y'all haters I really loved ricegum bro he was funny as hell

  98. CJ Tabunda III

    CJ Tabunda IIIПре месец

    RiceWho? 😁

  99. AySparkZ

    AySparkZПре месец

    try saving you beard and then let it regrow.

  100. awesome1ru

    awesome1ruПре месец

    KSI was legit mad about that Attack on titan animation 😅

  101. Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028

    Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Пре месец

    us watching try not to laugh: JJ laughing:hahaha us:hahaha

  102. Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028

    Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Пре месец

    niko for mayor NDL

  103. Aluka

    AlukaПре месец

    I will never forget Ricegum for disrespecting Hong Kong etc, but I did forgot that he was irrelevant

  104. Brandon 824

    Brandon 824Пре месец

    1:36 says the guy with the most inconsistent upload schedule

  105. I-em-hotep Mutinda

    I-em-hotep MutindaПре месец

    oi did man forget to give the shoes guy an award?!?!?

  106. FBI

    FBIПре месец

    F to luagh at ricegum

  107. CookerRocha

    CookerRochaПре месец

    16:14 the go fuck urself killed me lmao

  108. Attorneus 12

    Attorneus 12Пре месец

    I actually forgot about rice gum lol

  109. uL_MoneyMan

    uL_MoneyManПре месец

    Lord ksi we summon you to beat up the one we call Jake Paul

  110. Isaiah Marchetti

    Isaiah MarchettiПре месец

    ricegums numbers are famous level for the kid in your school who tried to start rapping and got some followers on sound cloud

  111. itz sabrina

    itz sabrinaПре месец

    his laugh at the end tho really took me out

  112. matthew higgins

    matthew higginsПре месец

    Who is re watching this after a couple months and the mouth pice still isn’t here ❤️🙏🔥😂

  113. Anna Konieczny

    Anna KoniecznyПре месец

    Yeah bro

  114. Krift301

    Krift301Пре 2 месеца

    Anne Marie is in patience??

  115. Walid Ahmed Nadeem

    Walid Ahmed NadeemПре 2 месеца