Reacting To MrBeast's Youtube Rewind 2020



  1. Mulyankan Sharma

    Mulyankan SharmaПре 2 сата

    KSI KSI please re-activate your windows lol

  2. George _

    George _Пре 3 сата

    Mr fucking beast?! XD

  3. Mohammad Memon

    Mohammad MemonПре 5 сати

    hey hello mrbeast chillin

  4. Simme 76

    Simme 76Пре 14 сати

    11:00 put subtitles on

  5. Yanixan Lozoya

    Yanixan LozoyaПре 16 сати


  6. Earl Lapidez

    Earl LapidezПре 17 сати

    His laugh is more contagious than covid hahahahaha

  7. MRCloud

    MRCloudПре 20 сати

    I see belle delphine 👀

  8. George Sampson

    George SampsonПре 21 сат

    Chadwick boseman broke me last year

  9. _josh564

    _josh564Пре 2 дана

    bruh no offence but ur nose is so big u breathing at 20% is probably more than me breathing at 100%

  10. Kyzo Gaming

    Kyzo GamingПре 2 дана


  11. Steven Onana

    Steven OnanaПре 2 дана

    ------->4:14 odd how he paused at Pokimane hmm....

  12. Jamie Mcgovern

    Jamie McgovernПре 2 дана

    Wakanda forever

  13. E-MAN

    E-MANПре 2 дана

    i’m pretty sure this was 2 days before callmecarson got yeeted

  14. toto bhai

    toto bhaiПре 2 дана


  15. vBlackoutMC

    vBlackoutMCПре 2 дана

    the youtube rewind became cringe because bryce hall was there 11:35

  16. Sol

    SolПре 2 дана

    bro true

  17. the sharkwarrior856

    the sharkwarrior856Пре 2 дана

    Ha bald

  18. NotKiet

    NotKietПре 3 дана

    No way bruv I Got A "FORD F1 50!" ad during the people we lost. .. _

  19. Murk_ICY 1

    Murk_ICY 1Пре 3 дана

    Bruh my boy like George Floyd

  20. pink lipgloss

    pink lipglossПре 3 дана

    Ksi has been in a few RSclub rewind thumbnails


    ARCSHOTПре 3 дана

    Little did he know it went to shit the in 5M lol

  22. Noah Hernandez

    Noah HernandezПре 3 дана

    i saw sidemen on thier

  23. P A Nanjappa

    P A NanjappaПре 4 дана

    I can't be the only one who got goosebumps when the Wakanda Forever clip was played

  24. Cristian Salas

    Cristian SalasПре 4 дана


  25. Ammar Jan

    Ammar JanПре 4 дана

    sidemen was there in last

  26. Minecraft 1234

    Minecraft 1234Пре 4 дана

    i sawear ksi laugh

  27. The King Of Jotunheim

    The King Of JotunheimПре 4 дана


  28. The Infamous Hado

    The Infamous HadoПре 5 дана


  29. Hockey Is All

    Hockey Is AllПре 5 дана

    “2021 has had no drama or chaos” Literally 3 days later: america fucking dies

  30. Hockey Is All

    Hockey Is AllПре 4 сата

    @Walker Maverick the us capitol was attacked 3 dyas after this video came out

  31. Walker Maverick

    Walker MaverickПре 8 сати

    America dies??? Can anybody tell me what happened

  32. Anitha Jayakumar

    Anitha JayakumarПре 5 дана

    6:32 best moment

  33. spoon steve

    spoon steveПре 5 дана

    Kinda want jj 2 act like babatoundae in vids


    NINJAA CODMПре 5 дана

    Mr beast be like : u are supposed to react to rewind not corspe

  35. BOI DAN

    BOI DANПре 5 дана

    8:03 except jake paul

  36. Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim AliПре 6 дана

    i got covid on my birthday soooooooo

  37. GREEEN

    GREEENПре 6 дана

    5:46 so many amazing came out this year.... Shows cyperjunk 2077

  38. S.A.S

    S.A.SПре 6 дана

    9:52 what if he's dream

  39. Brillian Elang

    Brillian ElangПре 6 дана

    JJ C'mon Activate Windows

  40. shade

    shadeПре 6 дана

    09:45 twomad must collab with JJ

  41. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана


  42. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана

    nfu ga y

  43. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана

    no way gay

  44. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана

    wow gay

  45. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана

    ha super gay

  46. ThePetBox

    ThePetBoxПре 7 дана

    ha gay

  47. Corbin Wiebe

    Corbin WiebeПре 7 дана


  48. Void Kakarot

    Void KakarotПре 7 дана

    And king Von

  49. andrea murray-hession

    andrea murray-hessionПре 7 дана

    Why don’t u do a song with corpse

  50. Marilyn Diaz

    Marilyn DiazПре 7 дана

    JJ: I could only breathe 50% Me: That me every year in August or November

  51. Mikah

    MikahПре 7 дана


  52. No Com Joe

    No Com JoeПре 7 дана

    we want a corpse and ksi album or song

  53. SUS Boy

    SUS BoyПре 7 дана

    I still don’t think he knows that in the Minecraft section there was a clip of the sidemen playing

  54. Pumpkin Chai

    Pumpkin ChaiПре 7 дана

    8:52 HmMmmM

  55. Amiee Wright

    Amiee WrightПре 7 дана

    Come on 😭

  56. pogo was here

    pogo was hereПре 8 дана

    good to see that ending aged well

  57. Haishra Jules

    Haishra JulesПре 8 дана


  58. Jabril Barnett

    Jabril BarnettПре 9 дана

    at 1231 you will see your daily dose of internet

  59. Huntfist13 daily videos

    Huntfist13 daily videosПре 9 дана


  60. JJ ncala

    JJ ncalaПре 9 дана

    I love how Mrbeast did a Rewind for 2020 and KSI out here thinking about strippers

  61. Shelby Cano

    Shelby CanoПре 9 дана

    i think the 2020 rewind by youtube itself would have been silly anyone else?

  62. Eksdi

    EksdiПре 9 дана

    Just realised fucking Bryce Hall is in RSclub rewind lol

  63. PRO

    PROПре 9 дана


  64. Terence Wong

    Terence WongПре 9 дана

    why all black guy(not racist) have cute sound?

  65. Sonic Fan

    Sonic FanПре 10 дана


  66. danishthebeast184

    danishthebeast184Пре 10 дана

    I need money for the first time I was just wondering if you want to be a little more time with my family is going on with you guys are so cute

  67. Pandaman 13

    Pandaman 13Пре 10 дана

    Now I is going to fuck up tik tok

  68. Rashee Mathur

    Rashee MathurПре 10 дана

    12:29 ksi is in. Ther

  69. faiz iman

    faiz imanПре 10 дана

    He turned down mrbeast but mrbeast still put him in it

  70. Kiran Sajjad

    Kiran SajjadПре 11 дана

    U can see jj's name at 12:33

  71. Nightcore - By Gautham

    Nightcore - By GauthamПре 11 дана

    ur a male and u dont have to pregnancy test dude lol

  72. Andrae Madriaga

    Andrae MadriagaПре 11 дана


  73. MrShadowGaming

    MrShadowGamingПре 11 дана

  74. YY 9

    YY 9Пре 11 дана

    11:36 pause the video and see in the lift 😠

  75. JSG

    JSGПре 11 дана

  76. Gary Smyth

    Gary SmythПре 11 дана

    Ksi is pregnant

  77. 503Music

    503MusicПре 12 дана

    12:33 pause

  78. AstroStral

    AstroStralПре 12 дана

    I also had a cold for a week plus, its ok, im not positive

  79. Kavin Mathur

    Kavin MathurПре 12 дана

    KSI: 2021 y'all! It's gonna be much better Me: Sad Indian noises

  80. BK Tech Review

    BK Tech ReviewПре 12 дана

    KSI: I could only breathe 50 percent Everyone with asthma: You have not felt real pain yet

  81. BK Tech Review

    BK Tech ReviewПре 4 дана

    @Red Dragon I only get attacked when its humid and cold

  82. Red Dragon

    Red DragonПре 6 дана

    Surprisingly I have asthma but never had an asthma attack. Even if I exercise.

  83. ZigZagMan

    ZigZagManПре 9 дана


  84. Rhydon

    RhydonПре 12 дана

    Can I just point out the duct tape on the balcony where Mr Beast is standing😂


    MUADH SKITSПре 13 дана


  86. Chr1s_

    Chr1s_Пре 13 дана

    oh how he thought this year was gonna be good

  87. PandaParade64 XRX

    PandaParade64 XRXПре 13 дана

    Dream fakes he's stuff so kinda trash content

  88. Jakob bogomol

    Jakob bogomolПре 13 дана

    KSI is broke activate your windows

  89. Mortalic

    MortalicПре 13 дана

    7:05 "is it oh wait it might not be the same guy" "Oh no it's definitely him" This got me laughing lol

  90. Æ fannツ

    Æ fannツПре 14 дана

    Jack had green hair lol

  91. Nik Aziz

    Nik AzizПре 14 дана

    Jj channel 12:33 Pause and click it

  92. Gurshan Playz

    Gurshan PlayzПре 14 дана

    Ksi didn’t really like it when his clips was in it

  93. Script

    ScriptПре 14 дана

    Karl: david dobrik stopped youtube and is now on tiktok😭

  94. HateYT

    HateYTПре 14 дана

    Who all think ksi looks better with headphones 😂🔥

  95. floorgang oof

    floorgang oofПре 15 дана

    i love your water mark ksi

  96. Iceey

    IceeyПре 15 дана

    My man used a pregnancy looking test to test if he has covid 😂

  97. Kaka Bone

    Kaka BoneПре 15 дана

    guys should we tell him that 2021 is as bad as 2020

  98. Lisseth Murillo

    Lisseth MurilloПре 15 дана

    7:08 6:31

  99. Lucus Hylton

    Lucus HyltonПре 15 дана

    Jack some one else and simp girl 5:46

  100. Austin Philip

    Austin PhilipПре 15 дана


  101. MrBeast Fans

    MrBeast FansПре 16 дана


  102. WingKnight

    WingKnightПре 16 дана

    It’s funny how he talks more then he watches

  103. Alexander Gutierrez

    Alexander GutierrezПре 16 дана

    3:55 you NAUGHTY NAUGHTY

  104. Gannon Bledsoe

    Gannon BledsoeПре 16 дана

    I want to see corpse become a screamer for rock bands

  105. Tim Engle

    Tim EngleПре 16 дана

    The unable united kingdom oppositely carry because surfboard parenthetically burn near a halting seal. wandering, crooked mark

  106. Aashish Shyju

    Aashish ShyjuПре 16 дана

    Cmon ksi activate windows

  107. U R SHIT BUT I

    U R SHIT BUT IПре 16 дана

    A lot of men women and bitches died to covid

  108. Harold TV. Com

    Harold TV. ComПре 17 дана rewind

  109. Dhats Paw

    Dhats PawПре 17 дана

    I think mr beast forgot about the faze clan😭

  110. Zarrrow

    ZarrrowПре 17 дана

    my famly got covid on christmas yay

  111. Adam Ansari

    Adam AnsariПре 18 дана

    I am still waiting for youtube rewind 2021