Reacting To Jake Paul's New Song...

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  1. Armando Limon

    Armando LimonПре 9 минута

    Jj: this song actually fire Jake reacting to jj's verse in lighter: its just not it

  2. Ryy Annn

    Ryy AnnnПре сат

    Can i get 2 million subscribers for no reason?

  3. Kolten Fogle

    Kolten FogleПре сат

    Bro 7:50 through 7:52 why dies just sound like the trumpet


    SNIPEZZZПре 6 сати

    Lol bullshit song

  5. tryharding

    tryhardingПре 6 сати

    love the windows watermark in the bottom corner XD

  6. kyle robleod

    kyle robleodПре 6 сати

    the one who made panda

  7. kyle robleod

    kyle robleodПре 6 сати

    desilgner wrote it

  8. XxpandaxX

    XxpandaxXПре 7 сати

    imagine the girl seeing this video xd 😂

  9. HomeScr33n_YT

    HomeScr33n_YTПре 8 сати


  10. ITs So Relaxing

    ITs So RelaxingПре 14 сати

    Fresh out of London it starts with a mariachi band what a Tool😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣, it sounds like he’s using a robot voice over , ksi your songs are awesome his are just stupid

  11. 1080p

    1080pПре 15 сати

    He couldn't go around the world so he bought the world to him


    RYO WAN KENOBIПре 19 сати

    5:50 look at jj's grabs nigerians will understand

  13. YusufTheSweatyGuy 21

    YusufTheSweatyGuy 21Пре 23 сата

    Ksi and habeeb r the best fighters in the world!

  14. Nas das

    Nas dasПре дан

    someone pls gift him windows activation key xD?

  15. i need bleach

    i need bleachПре дан

    I love me some autotune music like who does not like autotune music

  16. dame 263l

    dame 263lПре дан

    This compard to every day bro is so much beter

  17. SlipCraft

    SlipCraftПре дан


  18. Vedant Kapadia

    Vedant KapadiaПре дан

    Gotcha bitch

  19. Dylan Dino 7394

    Dylan Dino 7394Пре дан

    It’s all fun in games until Jake gets bankrupt somehow

  20. Official Zachhjacksonn

    Official ZachhjacksonnПре дан

    Me trynna get a pop at 3 am , my door: 6:58

  21. Crowdedtable 16

    Crowdedtable 16Пре дан

    This could be a good song but Jake Paul song in it

  22. el puta

    el putaПре дан

    Lmao jake Paul tryna act and look like a rapper but he white af

  23. Psycho_4k

    Psycho_4kПре 2 дана

    Everyone’s hating on ksi when he’s gonna knock the FUCKING SHIT out of jake and embarrass him SOOOO hard🤣🤣

  24. Evelyn Gusler

    Evelyn GuslerПре 2 сата


  25. COD league

    COD leagueПре 2 дана

    Ksi predicted the future : " Jake's gonna fu*king win this, and this will boost his ego"

  26. Kent Wolfe

    Kent WolfeПре 2 дана


  27. Kent Wolfe

    Kent WolfeПре 2 дана

    Kis is trashy

  28. Chixell Playz

    Chixell PlayzПре 2 дана

    Someone who lives in GZB Rajnagar Extn...we need vlog members

  29. Colby Jones

    Colby JonesПре 2 дана

    he makes me laugh when he laughs cause he sounds like pennywise from it

  30. Elianny De La Cruz

    Elianny De La CruzПре 2 дана

    I hate you I like jake and Logan Paul

  31. Frank Deaz

    Frank DeazПре 2 дана

    That don't seem like Jake 😂😂

  32. Gehrig Gamer

    Gehrig GamerПре 2 дана

    CAP that’s a website that u can edit who made song dumb ass

  33. Braindead Person

    Braindead PersonПре дан

    U can only edit song credits on spotify or streaming services.

  34. luca morin

    luca morinПре 2 дана

    it the same beat from 3 months ago and it was roasting im

  35. ProBlox

    ProBloxПре 3 дана


  36. Acormant Leet

    Acormant LeetПре 3 дана

    "do a madness"

  37. ShAaN 148

    ShAaN 148Пре 3 дана

    I like the old Jake Paul because he didn't swear then

  38. George Pickles

    George PicklesПре 3 дана

    Activate windows bro

  39. Mooisd

    MooisdПре 3 дана

    Ohio fried chicken

  40. Jenz Simpson

    Jenz SimpsonПре 3 дана

    Dude not gunna lie u didnt go to a real app like spotify and Jake did writes the song

  41. David The fils

    David The filsПре 3 дана

    KSI are Jealous

  42. Jrs Vibes

    Jrs VibesПре 3 дана

    2:05 jj predicted the future

  43. Brother B

    Brother BПре 3 дана

    Jake paul: ksi you fricking bad im gonna knock you out you biotch Ksi: so.... you have chosen death

  44. Victor Brito

    Victor BritoПре 3 дана

    This man puts a Mariachi when the title has London

  45. Colt McCoy

    Colt McCoyПре 3 дана


  46. Justin Contreras

    Justin ContrerasПре 3 дана

    hi pewdie

  47. Wavy_Spooderman •

    Wavy_Spooderman •Пре 3 дана

    not trana be rasecest but you a black person wrote this

  48. Eyuel Yiferu

    Eyuel YiferuПре 3 дана

    I play the violin

  49. Justin Caceres

    Justin CaceresПре 3 дана

    this is actually lit

  50. Fortnite Bot

    Fortnite BotПре 3 дана

    He turned straight outa Compton into straight outa London

  51. ilydei

    ilydeiПре 3 дана

    5:50 thicc.jj

  52. phoenix fire

    phoenix fireПре 4 дана

    When will ksi finish him whe he stopes being a dumass

  53. Joshi

    JoshiПре 4 дана

    Bruh jake looks like young Jimmy savile 😂

  54. drift clan Best

    drift clan BestПре 4 дана

    I’m a jake Paul fan end jake Paul is going to beat you

  55. roman heine

    roman heineПре 4 дана

    Jake is typing.....

  56. Mehul Gopalakrishnan

    Mehul GopalakrishnanПре 4 дана

    The fact that KSI hasn't activated windows has me dead

  57. Mads Hansen-Restorff

    Mads Hansen-RestorffПре 4 дана


  58. Monish Dinesh

    Monish DineshПре 4 дана

    This beat is same as voids diss on jake

  59. Nicole Almeida

    Nicole AlmeidaПре 4 дана

    a question i always have stuck in my head "is jake paul a virgin?" o-o lol

  60. mat tew

    mat tewПре 4 дана

    so salty

  61. Cleo Collison

    Cleo CollisonПре 4 дана

    I find it so sad how Jake had to mention and try and “roast” JJ in the beginning like it’s actually so childish 😭

  62. Nazty boi

    Nazty boiПре 4 дана

    jk's prolly paid someone to write this shit hahahaha

  63. notJAY

    notJAYПре 4 дана

    8:19 bandicam

  64. Praise TheGreat

    Praise TheGreatПре 4 дана

    oh and jake u said ur bless but ur not ur with the devil

  65. Praise TheGreat

    Praise TheGreatПре 4 дана

    go ksiiiiiii

  66. Be mi nae

    Be mi naeПре 4 дана

    She didn’t even sound British what

  67. Kristin Estrada

    Kristin EstradaПре 4 дана

    Jake Paul rules

  68. roblox noob

    roblox noobПре 4 дана


  69. Blake Huftel

    Blake HuftelПре 4 дана


  70. Joshua Prickett

    Joshua PrickettПре 4 дана

    KSI sees the first black guy in the music video and assumes it’s the ghost writer 😂

  71. Jose Nataniel

    Jose NatanielПре 4 дана

    You know what this is going yo be dead soon but i love jakes carrer plan is to do what ksi does but shiter

  72. Leslia12 Ownersa21

    Leslia12 Ownersa21Пре 4 дана

    The unique control habitually meddle because tugboat previously develop onto a quixotic customer. tested, scandalous ornament

  73. Gurmit Kaur

    Gurmit KaurПре 4 дана

    Thats not jake paul lyrics Theres no wayy

  74. Captain DeadPool

    Captain DeadPoolПре 5 дана

    Can't stand that selfish, self entitled, little @#$%. So glad you knocked that %$#@!% out JJ. I was surprised that was him singing, I thought it was someone else.

  75. wr6th

    wr6thПре 5 дана

    I’m sorry JJ but the first fight I was going for jake but now I hate him and love you no homo

  76. Ice Cream Girl

    Ice Cream GirlПре 5 дана

    Just the whole song is cringed

  77. Daniel Roz

    Daniel RozПре 5 дана

    lol who saw the suggestion Im single an I hate Logan Paul

  78. A Hot chika 69

    A Hot chika 69Пре 5 дана

    Yes Jake knows desiigner but JJ was with Lil Pump and Trippie Redd so 😂

  79. Jakub Kunc

    Jakub KuncПре 5 дана

    Hey Jake ,diss to video this bro xD

  80. Abdulnasir Mohamed Mohamed Sv4B

    Abdulnasir Mohamed Mohamed Sv4BПре 5 дана

  81. Ryan Abreau

    Ryan AbreauПре 5 дана

    The fortunate minibus posteriorly saw because kayak simultaneously sack underneath a kindly laborer. far, numberless december

  82. Mrguest Sub

    Mrguest SubПре 5 дана

    What happend to jake Paul’s video of his diss tracks jake vs jake

  83. saililebeatman le beatman

    saililebeatman le beatmanПре 5 дана

    Activate Windows : Go to settings to activate windows yes siiiiiiiiir

  84. Ervin Baliu

    Ervin BaliuПре 5 дана

    Song: London Girls on the bed: Asian Filmed in: America Music: Spanish

  85. ChavyBart

    ChavyBartПре 3 дана

    Stolen comment

  86. Yung _Wave

    Yung _WaveПре 3 дана

    @Wapix ikr

  87. Wapix

    WapixПре 4 дана

    nice try stealing comments...

  88. Kamran Rashid

    Kamran RashidПре 5 дана

    My guy, you got to activate your windows

  89. Sawyer Mason

    Sawyer MasonПре 5 дана

    HE ROT IT!!!!

  90. malachite blade

    malachite bladeПре 5 дана

    jake paul isnt a car guy if he was one he would never frikin had a shitting tesla

  91. Eskel Eskinder

    Eskel EskinderПре 5 дана

    Activate your window

  92. Guy Buddy

    Guy BuddyПре 5 дана

    Ghostwriter 21 savage

  93. Tariq Nicklin

    Tariq NicklinПре 6 дана

    Jakes song is sooooo shit

  94. SwaeIsGoated TTV

    SwaeIsGoated TTVПре 6 дана

    It’s so bad

  95. Cody Hulme

    Cody HulmeПре 6 дана

    Stole the diss track that void used on him

  96. Ej Ej

    Ej EjПре 6 дана

    8:43 LOL

  97. I am also bruhify

    I am also bruhifyПре 6 дана

    The 15k dislikes are most most probably Jake paul-ers

  98. I am also bruhify

    I am also bruhifyПре 6 дана

    @Bryan Renteria Garcia oh ok. I'm kinda new to the KSI thing

  99. Bryan Renteria Garcia

    Bryan Renteria GarciaПре 6 дана

    I will become bruhify we don’t use jake paulers no more we use gay paulers

  100. Choqze Gaming

    Choqze GamingПре 6 дана


  101. recenome

    recenomeПре 6 дана

    this dude J r ? Wha he name again joke Joink Joker Whatever hes name is My dude Look fat 2:57

  102. Zombie Knights

    Zombie KnightsПре 6 дана

    Wait jake Paul is British

  103. MR MMH

    MR MMHПре 6 дана


  104. Jason Updike

    Jason UpdikeПре 6 дана

    F you ksi

  105. TheEpicGamer

    TheEpicGamerПре 6 дана


  106. LorenzoGaming19

    LorenzoGaming19Пре 6 дана

    Im getting the feeling that Jake ChAnGe cuz of boxing🤣🤣🤣

  107. nathan mufasa

    nathan mufasaПре 6 дана

    2:59 JJ be like, i cant believe ya done dis

  108. Naruto Vibez

    Naruto VibezПре 7 дана

    Ksi trying so hard not to vibe