Paying Money Everytime I Laugh




  1. Jérôme Warichet

    Jérôme WarichetПре 33 минута

    Why is it never funny

  2. Jay Greenhough

    Jay GreenhoughПре 3 сата

    this whole vid: EARRAPE

  3. zay

    zayПре 4 сата

    the people in this video were extremely unfunny

  4. Nayeem Hassan Saif

    Nayeem Hassan SaifПре 14 сати

    The guy in 2:08 reacts saying "wtf" to jj sending him money which makes me think that jj sent more money than he sent to others and obviously jj's not that type of guy to flex on it. Idk, It's a *maybe*

  5. IceyVader

    IceyVaderПре 15 сати

    10:01 14:55

  6. Kevin Jimenez

    Kevin JimenezПре 16 сати

    8:04 lmao

  7. sozix

    sozixПре 17 сати

    12:26 is messed up

  8. SkUlLbEaSt GâMïNg

    SkUlLbEaSt GâMïNgПре 17 сати

    What's bigger jake Paul's ego or JJ's forehead

  9. Christian Young

    Christian YoungПре 18 сати

    The last kid destroyed him 😂

  10. K4ze

    K4zeПре 19 сати

    How long does it take for a black girl to take a shit? 9 months 💀

  11. Little Marky

    Little MarkyПре 19 сати

    JJ u probably have an irection after seeing kids arse’s

  12. Nic Fields

    Nic FieldsПре 20 сати

    Why you put all these races people on your RSclub and give them money? Your teeth are jacked

  13. LostInMarz

    LostInMarzПре 23 сата

    Hey JJ on behalf of the Jews we are not offended the jokes were kinda funny so Don’t get to pissed at them

  14. Platinum Amr

    Platinum AmrПре дан

    7:10 is racist i am muslim and arab

  15. krrish handoo

    krrish handooПре дан

    full of dark humour

  16. Alex Veklund

    Alex VeklundПре дан

    he doesnt even understand the joke



    That guy literally wouldn't do a PowerPoint presentation for studies he does it to make ksi laugh 😂

  18. PochongoJ

    PochongoJПре дан

    jj takes a quiz about himself that PowerPoint was funny af

  19. Taylor Muck

    Taylor MuckПре дан


  20. Amadhya Awasthi

    Amadhya AwasthiПре дан

    half the people were racist c words



    This video is so sad to watch and relatable

  22. OnNiX YT

    OnNiX YTПре дан

    God loves you all turn to him

  23. Escander Beats

    Escander BeatsПре 2 дана

    Lol it is almost 1 milli

  24. Wrinkly pickle

    Wrinkly pickleПре 2 дана

    the other dude at 1:31: laughs in pain

  25. Mayor Lex

    Mayor LexПре 2 дана

    I believe in allah bcs the universe started with a explosion 💥




  27. E5TE

    E5TEПре 2 дана


  28. Bukqz

    BukqzПре 2 дана

    Broke Babatunde

  29. Angel Ramirez

    Angel RamirezПре 2 дана

    Keep liking

  30. Jc Garcia

    Jc GarciaПре 3 дана

    4:55 didnt laugh because of his joke, but i did laugh because jj had to experience that LMFAO

  31. Nick S

    Nick SПре 3 дана

    5:00 show the angles right

  32. Mrtop5

    Mrtop5Пре 3 дана

    So my duc died

  33. Brankoon

    BrankoonПре 3 дана

    7:06 i mean he’s not wrong

  34. HandyPython

    HandyPythonПре 3 дана

    3:11 HE DID IT

  35. Wallace Pinheiro

    Wallace PinheiroПре 3 дана

    "what does Jake Paul have in common?"

  36. Heaven_ X

    Heaven_ XПре 3 дана

    10:16 I swear that’s joe weller

  37. NixhtVixen

    NixhtVixenПре 3 дана

    7:04 dude is racist ash

  38. Pllumi Gaming TV

    Pllumi Gaming TVПре 3 дана

    Why dinasours cant clap ? Thay are dead.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Evie Dowling

    Evie DowlingПре 3 дана

    Am i the only one who wants to know how much he paid them?😂

  40. Pakistani Thunder

    Pakistani ThunderПре 3 дана

    You almost got 13million subscribers bro

  41. Vemoparker

    VemoparkerПре 4 дана

    jj: make me laugh the guy: oh ok- *falls of the chair* jj: *shocked face* me: *wheezing*

  42. Veerendra Raja Thampi

    Veerendra Raja ThampiПре 4 дана

    The first time jj never laughed out that much 🙂🔫

  43. HowsYourFaceFeel

    HowsYourFaceFeelПре 4 дана

    The way he said bath bomb

  44. J Greenie

    J GreenieПре 4 дана

    My dad died hahahahahha

  45. gustavs

    gustavsПре 4 дана

    Ksi laught at 3:11 and didnt give money!!!

  46. Josh Watts

    Josh WattsПре 4 дана


  47. AADI

    AADIПре 5 дана

    The guy at 9:30 looks like simon’s kid.

  48. JXP

    JXPПре 5 дана

    I been watching JJ for a long time and imma be honest i never liked when someone came on like one question go and just straight up being racist

  49. Karol Kulczyński

    Karol KulczyńskiПре 5 дана

    i love how you didnt lough at half of these bc your just too dumb to understand

  50. Mugiwara ya

    Mugiwara yaПре 5 дана

    300k Till next episode

  51. You're not funny

    You're not funnyПре 5 дана

    Anyone who's not nepal is generally not funny

  52. sir Purple

    sir PurpleПре 5 дана

    Can we make this 1 mil likes ? I really want another one.

  53. Stuart Handy

    Stuart HandyПре 5 дана

    Love you and the sidemen ♥️♥️



    when i saw the title i thought he was gonna have to pay like 100000000000000000 dollars os somethin

  55. DramaAlert ✔︎

    DramaAlert ✔︎Пре 6 дана


  56. Elijah Toppersons

    Elijah ToppersonsПре 6 дана

    10:20 sounds like joe weller as a kid

  57. Average

    AverageПре 6 дана

    I thought the quiz was Simon

  58. Sappy

    SappyПре 6 дана

    I could littelary put a picture of an apple on the reddit r/meme and ksi would laugh at it for no reason

  59. paimon

    paimonПре 6 дана

    9:28 dude looks like a Simon on crack

  60. random things to watch

    random things to watchПре 6 дана

    What's arse

  61. Penny

    PennyПре 6 дана

    1:15 could someone explain this to me ?

  62. TiTi_TV

    TiTi_TVПре 6 дана

    Bro those magic tricks were they show there ass has me dieing 💀


    XJPANACKSПре 6 дана

    He said many likes bruh

  64. Ahmmad Mohammad

    Ahmmad MohammadПре 7 дана

    Bro it’s almost actually a mil likes 😭

  65. Creeper Lugo

    Creeper LugoПре 7 дана

    No one: KSI traumatized from magic tricks

  66. TheHotCheeto860

    TheHotCheeto860Пре 7 дана

    Bro why are these just racist remarks

  67. Revxtion

    RevxtionПре 7 дана

    The kid said what do u call a muslim in bath and said bath bomb he thinks us muslims are terrorist bro like wtf

  68. Glitcher Gamer

    Glitcher GamerПре 7 дана

    10:54 is that vikkstar

  69. Glitcher Gamer

    Glitcher GamerПре 7 дана

    wth he laughs at someones father dying an doesn't care

  70. Just Zarif

    Just ZarifПре 7 дана

    These jokes are disappointing...

  71. Sir Canz

    Sir CanzПре 7 дана


  72. Orion055 II-II

    Orion055 II-IIПре 7 дана

    That first one Holy shit

  73. Marius Ioan Cojocariu

    Marius Ioan CojocariuПре 7 дана

    can t really count how many times i ve slaped my face

  74. Arien Anderson

    Arien AndersonПре 8 дана

    Wheres the submission on the reddit at 2:14

  75. Millinois

    MillinoisПре 8 дана

    Take jake pauls hat

  76. Julian Rivera

    Julian RiveraПре 8 дана

    Y is there 3 fans in the back tho?

  77. lisa mercer

    lisa mercerПре 8 дана

    JJ is the new Vikk now !

  78. Savion Dunavent

    Savion DunaventПре 9 дана

    How much money was he giving them though?

  79. Ryan Heath

    Ryan HeathПре 9 дана

    That’s bad

  80. Dimitri Kirton

    Dimitri KirtonПре 9 дана

    Why does Peter Pan fly so much? He Neverlands

  81. Dimitri Kirton

    Dimitri KirtonПре 9 дана

    What’s a really sad strawberry called? A blueberry

  82. Dimitri Kirton

    Dimitri KirtonПре 9 дана

    What’s one way we know ocean is friendly? It waves

  83. Dimitri Kirton

    Dimitri KirtonПре 9 дана

    What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta

  84. Dimitri Kirton

    Dimitri KirtonПре 9 дана

    Why did the baby throw butter out the window? He wanted to see a butter fly

  85. warrington

    warringtonПре 9 дана

    4:34 no jj i think he was making a jew reference. It werent "irrelevant". He was basically saying hes like a jew too

  86. BergenDev

    BergenDevПре 9 дана

    I have a inprint in my head from all the facepalms.

  87. flesher junior

    flesher juniorПре 9 дана

    The rampant budget postsynaptically amuse because balinese summatively bubble above a curved friday. elderly, rich carrot

  88. Pluto

    PlutoПре 9 дана

    1,000,000 dollars gone just like that😂


    TLC GHOST LEGENDПре 9 дана

    Hey hey hey iam a Muslim what did you say a buth boom OK and you are ******* and ****** shot up

  90. Amir Abou ismail

    Amir Abou ismailПре 8 дана

    Wtf is that you right what he did to you Muslims??

  91. koko hekmatyar

    koko hekmatyarПре 10 дана


  92. NoobVillager

    NoobVillagerПре 10 дана

    Last kid was the way I want the answer 😂

  93. JuiceSipperIsNotReal

    JuiceSipperIsNotRealПре 10 дана

    Elhanmulilah ksi my brother

  94. BRO TC

    BRO TCПре 10 дана

    Guy: My dad died. JJ: LMAO

  95. Ben Wilkins

    Ben WilkinsПре 10 дана

    I laughed in sync with him on the second one

  96. Nogielol

    NogielolПре 10 дана


  97. Minecraft room

    Minecraft roomПре 10 дана

    7:10 did the right thing RESPECT KSI

  98. khamsa123

    khamsa123Пре 10 дана


  99. SirBat 24

    SirBat 24Пре 11 дана

    I am muslim and now i am becoming offended

  100. Abdi rahman

    Abdi rahmanПре 11 дана

    1:36 jj lost his 100 bucks and got cancelled