Ok, I'm Getting Annoyed Now...



  1. Balaj Iqbal

    Balaj IqbalПре 2 сата

    7:52 the video started to buffered

  2. Lhiam Andrei Sampang

    Lhiam Andrei SampangПре 15 сати

    9:37 PewMon

  3. Binh SMITH

    Binh SMITHПре 18 сати

    lmaoooo jj got violated by mo

  4. My Name

    My NameПре 2 дана

    Yo that tweet on 2:15 is out of line, he needs to humble himself instead of comparing himself to a god

  5. past

    pastПре 3 дана

    Your not fat your just obese

  6. Jeff Foster

    Jeff FosterПре 3 дана

    the reason we ruin your hair styles is because we don't want you to have any hair the people want baldski

  7. Thevin Wijesiriwardena

    Thevin WijesiriwardenaПре 3 дана

    im 70 mate

  8. Jan Vladík

    Jan VladíkПре 4 дана

    I am 109 years old

  9. lmao x

    lmao xПре 5 дана

    nobody taking about how mans just spent over £1000 on something he isn’t gonna use whereas i’m struggling to buy a lucozade🤣🤣

  10. Yaman Alkhen

    Yaman AlkhenПре 5 дана

    *h i*

  11. Zachary King

    Zachary KingПре 5 дана

    Love how Mo made JJ fat agin 😂

  12. The Wildcard

    The WildcardПре 6 дана


  13. tess morales

    tess moralesПре 7 дана

    so 4:16 (im a boy) and as i was saying this is why im the dumbest in school? ok seems fair enough.

  14. 2RaWx Clips

    2RaWx ClipsПре 7 дана



    DEVEIN RAJ SINGHПре 7 дана

    Man just buys a 1200pound useless item casually

  16. Scepter V

    Scepter VПре 7 дана


  17. Andreas Larsen

    Andreas LarsenПре 8 дана

    im 31 oh snap thats my IQ

  18. time tell no lies

    time tell no liesПре 9 дана

    some trash ass song

  19. Beast Gamer

    Beast GamerПре 10 дана

    I swear when I hear the loose song, i heard it before!

  20. emin altiner

    emin altinerПре 10 дана

    legends would watch till 100 years old

  21. darko durdeski

    darko durdeskiПре 11 дана

    i am 69

  22. ishan deb

    ishan debПре 11 дана

    1.2k pounds thats 1 lakh indian rupees; mad.

  23. GHOST Rider

    GHOST RiderПре 12 дана

    My dads 48 and he watches u so do i

  24. Jimli

    JimliПре 13 дана

    I didnt knew that alphorn cost him 13 houndred bucks lmao

  25. Flow

    FlowПре 13 дана

    0:19 😂

  26. Martial Artist92

    Martial Artist92Пре 14 дана

    Lol. Gotta love mo

  27. Abhay Chandra

    Abhay ChandraПре 14 дана

    We love you Mo

  28. Steph Jones

    Steph JonesПре 14 дана

    Ahhh the beginning of the alphorn saga

  29. Ryan Benyure

    Ryan BenyureПре 16 дана

    Mo the goat 4:58

  30. Ryan Benyure

    Ryan BenyureПре 16 дана

    Mo the goat 4:58

  31. Dsync

    DsyncПре 16 дана


  32. Clover

    CloverПре 17 дана

    Holy shit mo i love you for that edit

  33. TkSharma

    TkSharmaПре 18 дана

    4:23 12:45 man see the difference I mean yeah trolling KSI is ok but when he gets sad man that thing hurts when he reacts, laughing its good but seeing KSI sad 😭😭😭 this ruined the whole video man

  34. Delany Musariri

    Delany MusaririПре 18 дана

    The private jet😭😭😭

  35. Inez Sandiego

    Inez SandiegoПре 20 дана

    i am 100 years old :))))))))

  36. karen Allen

    karen AllenПре 21 дан

    kJ I’m a 56 year old fan and my name is Karen

  37. nomar mar

    nomar marПре 23 дана

    i am 58 years old

  38. paroksh prabhakar

    paroksh prabhakarПре 24 дана

    Who's here after jj learnt how to say mural

  39. IshX_X

    IshX_XПре 24 дана


  40. TTV_FriedToast_

    TTV_FriedToast_Пре 25 дана

    12:51 voice crack alert

  41. Leandro S. Carde

    Leandro S. CardeПре 25 дана

    ur mum is 50

  42. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa KhanПре 27 дана

    1:31 the laugh 😆😆

  43. jackson

    jacksonПре 27 дана

    12:44 haha.. he actually fell for it

  44. Karan Shah

    Karan ShahПре 28 дана

    12:53 that was nice

  45. DJezza

    DJezzaПре 28 дана


  46. pwewi

    pwewiПре 29 дана

    Nice edit mo

  47. Gustavo El Pan Dulce

    Gustavo El Pan DulceПре месец

    Being 5’9 anit that bad bro 😔✊🏽

  48. Sachin Moktan

    Sachin MoktanПре месец

    KSI got 4 packs and one biG pack

  49. Lol funny blonde man say Za warudo

    Lol funny blonde man say Za warudoПре месец

    Lol I’m 15 and I’m 5ft 9

  50. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    bruh i am 14 and 5ft 6

  51. GachaWaterboy

    GachaWaterboyПре месец

    5:00 realize it was a edit 😂😂😂

  52. Lucas đuťť reãçțs

    Lucas đuťť reãçțsПре месец

    Didn't realize

  53. Timo Mandel

    Timo MandelПре месец

    Voice crack at 11:45

  54. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    not really

  55. Xenify FN

    Xenify FNПре месец

    No1 gone talk abt that maaaasssiiiveee hole in his teeths????

  56. ThatOneDude579

    ThatOneDude579Пре месец

    5:55 my guy you said it was old videos.Maybe back then he was 5’9 but that was back then.

  57. ThatOneDude579

    ThatOneDude579Пре месец

    4:56 almost didn’t notice those special effects.

  58. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    stop liking your own 2 comments weirdo

  59. Tejas Kompala

    Tejas KompalaПре месец

    Am I the only person who has an exam in less than 10 hours and lmao after watching this

  60. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана


  61. Parth Piyush Prasad

    Parth Piyush PrasadПре месец


  62. Mr Kizere

    Mr KizereПре месец

    thank you jj

  63. J.D.K

    J.D.KПре месец

    Who else heard that voice crack at the end

  64. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    it was half a voice crack



    Bruhh 5'9 nah nah, Ion believe it. Im 14 and 5'7.

  66. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    i am 14 and 5'6

  67. Gaxah

    GaxahПре месец

    *My dad is 55 and after I showed him a video of you, he has started watching some!*

  68. Kristian Karlsen

    Kristian KarlsenПре месец

    Did he really try to use the flute thet way xd...

  69. Om Slice

    Om SliceПре месец

    As a flute player him not knowing how to play and sticking his mouth in the back of the flute triggers me lol 😂

  70. Walker Wheeland

    Walker WheelandПре месец


  71. _.itzjustzoe._

    _.itzjustzoe._Пре месец

    mural lmao

  72. MAVEX zone

    MAVEX zoneПре месец

    what about your dad

  73. DeMa Nosh

    DeMa NoshПре месец

    Fat shredding Ads being played on JJ's video how ironic

  74. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    buy i will give you one

  75. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана

    this deserves some likes sorry bud

  76. Keifer IsBell

    Keifer IsBellПре месец

    I feel you jj I was five nine when I was 11

  77. Gursimran Singh

    Gursimran SinghПре месец

    Imagine I’m 6ft-1 and I’m only 13 how does it fell jj

  78. Fizzickz

    FizzickzПре 28 дана


  79. LaZe Czn

    LaZe CznПре месец

    NRG Clix

  80. nooby nathan

    nooby nathanПре месец

    I'm 102 😭😭😭

  81. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan GonzalezПре месец

    11:55 Don’t worry about it it’s for me

  82. Nurr

    NurrПре месец

    Title: Ok,I'm annoyed Reddit: That's what we want -_-

  83. Galaxy815Warrior

    Galaxy815WarriorПре месец

    Your beard looks like my carpet

  84. Jams Lilbiscut

    Jams LilbiscutПре месец

    Dose anyone else’s want a peediew pie diss track


    ANIBEASTПре месец

    You did Good job editing mo 4:55

  86. Douglas Cooper

    Douglas CooperПре месец

    Jj I’m 13 and I’m 5,10 😐

  87. Cheeba

    CheebaПре месец

    Yo jj almost said mural the first read through XD so close yet so far

  88. RedTurtle2000

    RedTurtle2000Пре месец

    he looks like he is playing the clarinet

  89. Ayushan Ragurahavan

    Ayushan RagurahavanПре месец

    he can't say mural lol

  90. Karan Puri

    Karan PuriПре месец

    Tbh I was a logan fanboy and landed here to watch his reaction on jake vs nate fight but man, he sure is a very good dude and not what us shown by the other side. I shall admit, i change sides now 😌

  91. Nakano Miku

    Nakano MikuПре месец

    I never get bored watching your video bro 🤣 and please do your best saying "Mural" 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Aryan Srivastava

    Aryan SrivastavaПре месец

    im 53

  93. Joseph Echiribel

    Joseph EchiribelПре месец

    dawg i was dying laughing when he showed his stomach, i think that’s wrong

  94. erin!

    erin!Пре месец


  95. Hassan Rizk

    Hassan RizkПре месец


  96. Jean Pachon

    Jean PachonПре месец

    Who's randomly found jj one day and watching him ever since

  97. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithПре месец

    hey mate! I’ve recently started to watch your videos because my grandson has been staying in my home and has been using my phone for youtube! And I wanted to check what he was watching and saw you! I’m also starting to like your videos because your so funny! I’m 76 so you do have fans over 50!

  98. Magical Dorito

    Magical DoritoПре месец

    So........ do I get a disability check, lol 4:06

  99. a

    aПре месец

    5:24 when did jj turn to a mum hello

  100. Claudia Hart

    Claudia HartПре месец

    hey my mom is over 50 and when i showed her your stuff she was laughing her ass off so... lmao

  101. Humper Tv

    Humper TvПре месец

    Bro like why did I actually get scared when he got angry I thought he was gonna hit me lmao

  102. Parsa Motamed

    Parsa MotamedПре месец

    Jjs editor is a legend

  103. Irrelevant Channel

    Irrelevant ChannelПре месец

    I’m 72 and watch your videos

  104. Diamond Ritvik

    Diamond RitvikПре месец

    Watching in online classes....

  105. Adam 4 Life

    Adam 4 LifeПре месец

    "I'm being trolled arnt I, well done WeLl pLaYEd" ho ha mickey mouse

  106. Freda Martin

    Freda MartinПре месец

    "Yo it's ya boy KSI LGBTQ Community!"

  107. _ harvmans

    _ harvmansПре месец

    My dada 52 and watches ur vids 😂😂 he loves them and loves the among us vids😂

  108. Manan Malik

    Manan MalikПре 2 месеца

    Mo with the fat edits

  109. Joshua van Zyl

    Joshua van ZylПре 2 месеца

    When you tweet that you are a god, but can't pronounce mural after you wrote it in the very same tweet. Press X to doubt

  110. maria lilly

    maria lillyПре 2 месеца


  111. maria lilly

    maria lillyПре 2 месеца