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  1. TRN NCliption

    TRN NCliptionПре 11 сати

    Wow fatneek just gained 100k in one day

  2. Divine 59

    Divine 59Пре 22 сата

    Is no one going to talk about 14:42

  3. Dynamo Playzz

    Dynamo PlayzzПре 22 сата

    that bandicam at 6:43 bottom left lookin fresh

  4. Dtorres115

    Dtorres115Пре дан

    "Even if I'm depressed or like hating life, I can always laugh at some dumb shit" - KSI 2020 Same here bro, thanks for making me laugh 💯🙏

  5. Steven croucher Speaking

    Steven croucher SpeakingПре дан

    Still fat !

  6. Steven croucher Speaking

    Steven croucher SpeakingПре дан

    Check again fam

  7. nyc now

    nyc nowПре 2 дана

    Yooooooo that ikea one was so good 😂

  8. Free Robux

    Free RobuxПре 2 дана

    JJ: I tend to have a break in December and go ham in january Me: Well that was a fucking lie

  9. Aiden Boi

    Aiden BoiПре 3 дана

    This is one of your best vids

  10. Theory gam3r

    Theory gam3rПре 3 дана

    Wait a min y is his golden plaque blurred out in the bottom right corner

  11. Boys_vt

    Boys_vtПре 4 дана

    5:54 I'ill laugh with you too


    KINGPOO5 GAMINGПре 4 дана

    Thogden commented

  13. George Saab

    George SaabПре 4 дана

    "GoiNg HaM iN JanUaRy" well that was a fucking lie

  14. Roman Hughes

    Roman HughesПре 4 дана

    I’m subbed on this channel I’ve never even seen a vid on his main channel

  15. Dustin Perez

    Dustin PerezПре 5 дана

    I know that he is really coughing, but I like to think that he’s making a Covid joke

  16. BADSHAh GaMing

    BADSHAh GaMingПре 5 дана

    18:42 why not queen

  17. BADSHAh GaMing

    BADSHAh GaMingПре 5 дана

    17:06 why not she?

  18. BADSHAh GaMing

    BADSHAh GaMingПре 5 дана

    6:42 why not woman?

  19. Moussa Miller

    Moussa MillerПре 6 дана

    It’s possible for sidemen Sunday’s to be filmed on a Sunday. They can film next weeks sidemen Sunday on the Sunday from the week before

  20. Moussa Miller

    Moussa MillerПре 6 дана

    @zaid khan ik

  21. zaid khan

    zaid khanПре 6 дана

    Its filmed on wednesdays

  22. Nadine Chang

    Nadine ChangПре 6 дана

    Oh but imagine watching this in 2021

  23. eween

    eweenПре 6 дана

    is that natural daylight?

  24. Abdulmalik Muhammed

    Abdulmalik MuhammedПре 7 дана

    if you are down to help us with any thing then go baldski

  25. King Gam3ing

    King Gam3ingПре 8 дана

    6:44 bandicam

  26. Habiibii_7

    Habiibii_7Пре 8 дана

    I was really looking at the video thinking summat is off. But I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Until it hit me. The CURTAINS/BLINDS. Damn his room looking hella bright 😂😂

  27. MrDuckKing

    MrDuckKingПре 9 дана

    19:59 time will tell

  28. Fla5h Slayz

    Fla5h SlayzПре 9 дана

    The VIdeo Should have been 20:20

  29. David. L

    David. LПре 9 дана

    I'm sorry but 5:07. That's sick! Why r u still wearing bandana JJ that looks badass!

  30. Drew Ferguson

    Drew FergusonПре 9 дана

    The windows killed me 😂

  31. GreenAgent727

    GreenAgent727Пре 10 дана

    Would’ve been good if the video was 20:20 long, only 20 seconds short

  32. PrimePlayz

    PrimePlayzПре 10 дана

    ksi and logan paul wanted to have peace with each other in the fight so tehy hugged to see what it felt for a black and a white man to hug

  33. civic2006houston

    civic2006houstonПре 10 дана

    JJ: It’s taking so long Me: At least it’s not a cube

  34. Marian Jones

    Marian JonesПре 11 дана

    Vi egsact seim wei iw fat nic

  35. Marian Jones

    Marian JonesПре 11 дана

    JJ iw trai tw cut ei painapl in vi seim wei in ynder 5 m el bet 1000 iw can't dwi in 20 m in vi sei wei

  36. Autumn Gallagher

    Autumn GallagherПре 11 дана

    JJ: 2021 cant get any worse tht 2020 was- Destiney: NOT SO FAST BITCHES top headline 2021: JAKE PAUL KNOCKS OUT KSI IN FIGHT reddit shit posters: Ight let fire up the ol' laptop and meme making software-

  37. Soldier

    SoldierПре 11 дана

    6:43 2nd app in left bottom corner *BANDI CAM* 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  38. Emithis

    EmithisПре 11 дана

    6:44, do I see bandicam.

  39. Miguelito

    MiguelitoПре 12 дана

    How in tf is JJ’s gf handling my guys loud ass laughter 😂😂😂

  40. Yeet of Tee

    Yeet of TeeПре 12 дана

    i want grodan Ramsey to cut a pineapple and jj tell him that that's the wrong way

  41. YahBoyAuggie

    YahBoyAuggieПре 13 дана


  42. cynx

    cynxПре 13 дана

    It’s fucking 2021 what’s the fucking point of 2020 and 2020 is like fucking doo doo 💩

  43. Alfie Caws lovelace

    Alfie Caws lovelaceПре 13 дана

    A million quid would help out

  44. Samuel Andary

    Samuel AndaryПре 14 дана

    11:55 bandicam in bottom 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Tanner Fontenot

    Tanner FontenotПре 14 дана

    Ra, the KSI stops Covid-19 is straight jokes.

  46. Shem Ndashimye

    Shem NdashimyeПре 14 дана

    He was quite nervous to record this with his girl in the back it feels like.

  47. Shem Ndashimye

    Shem NdashimyeПре 14 дана

    Such a shame us the fan base are so invasive. If we weren’t, who knows, Jj might not be hiding his girl from us.

  48. Orisha Eshu

    Orisha EshuПре 14 дана

    2020 was actually my best year. Am I...... human?

  49. Chosen.

    Chosen.Пре 14 дана


  50. Tanner Fontenot

    Tanner FontenotПре 14 дана

    5:10, If you follow ceotunde on Instagram, he sold his page and this was the new guys seconds post.

  51. Hamza Aljulany

    Hamza AljulanyПре 14 дана

    JJ hasn't been active in jan :(

  52. Bellski Jr

    Bellski JrПре 14 дана

    Now we know why his curtains are missing, because they are in the new house

  53. Abdirashid Jama

    Abdirashid JamaПре 15 дана

    JJ if u actually read your comments, give me all your consoles lol

  54. SantaxFN

    SantaxFNПре 15 дана

    I like how it’s 20 minutes and the last vid of 2020

  55. Chance Wren

    Chance WrenПре 15 дана

    Jake paul is morgz if ur not 9

  56. Virtual Panda

    Virtual PandaПре 15 дана

    You missed the chance to make this video 20 seconds longer (20:20)

  57. Dr Mikias

    Dr MikiasПре 15 дана

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  58. JTDog_9

    JTDog_9Пре 15 дана

    JJ u should of made the video 20:20 u were 20 seconds off

  59. itzEplays

    itzEplaysПре 15 дана

    what happened to jjs girlfriend??

  60. KEZ

    KEZПре 16 дана


  61. An Intellectual

    An IntellectualПре 16 дана

    The funny thing about the "watching jake paul till i cringe" is that the intro takes up 2 seconds

  62. yasio bolo

    yasio boloПре 17 дана

    I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????

  63. Ant 123

    Ant 123Пре 17 дана

    You know it’s funny when he starts choking

  64. Berto Baggins

    Berto BagginsПре 17 дана

    he has something in his teeth

  65. Sz_ Hoddie

    Sz_ HoddieПре 17 дана

    My life’s ruined I belived it was always Sunday

  66. DrektonhawkPlayz

    DrektonhawkPlayzПре 17 дана

    Why is his play button blured?

  67. Laurence Narte

    Laurence NarteПре 18 дана

    How did he come up with the word "FITNEEK"??

  68. yasio bolo

    yasio boloПре 17 дана

    i love his laugh

  69. flourFN

    flourFNПре 18 дана

    wheres the waves

  70. Josh Curtis

    Josh CurtisПре 18 дана

    Jj if u read this it's also due to the fact ur 27 u been doing this for whT 10 12 years so yeah ur right u have more expensive sorta than her

  71. Shaheed Khan

    Shaheed KhanПре 18 дана

    That banana does wonders 🤔what do you think

  72. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiПре 18 дана

    Did anyone else cringe when JJ said "back to being manly" 🤣🤣

  73. Macdonald Nnadi

    Macdonald NnadiПре 18 дана

    “That banana does wonders” -JJ 2020

  74. Joosep Eha

    Joosep EhaПре 18 дана

    Fuck I saw my last and hoped you'll quit and go box Jake or smth

  75. 14 Muffins

    14 MuffinsПре 18 дана

    9:55 or open your window and take a walk out of it

  76. TobyTube

    TobyTubeПре 18 дана


  77. TobyTube

    TobyTubeПре 18 дана

    And it’s 20 minutes long :0

  78. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiПре 18 дана

    Did anyone else cringe when JJ said "back to being manly" 🤣🤣

  79. WarShadow

    WarShadowПре 19 дана

    Anyone notice that blur in the bottom right of the screen? At the beginning of the video?

  80. Fighterlm 1234

    Fighterlm 1234Пре 19 дана


  81. Yeray Serrano

    Yeray SerranoПре 19 дана

    Lmao 11:55 he really has bandicam

  82. Nisan Pun

    Nisan PunПре 19 дана

    JJ please react on rebirth unique poet

  83. tamuna dvalishvili

    tamuna dvalishviliПре 19 дана

    6:44 look at the left below there is a bandicam logo too no just in the second video we didn't notice

  84. Galaxy623Dodge

    Galaxy623DodgeПре 19 дана

    me: looks at thumbnail also me: wait...KSI joined FaZe?

  85. Destroyer Goku

    Destroyer GokuПре 19 дана

    Your missing 20 seconds of the video to make it 20:20

  86. Liam Palmer

    Liam PalmerПре 19 дана

    Do you see my comments?

  87. Kaliya cumberbatch

    Kaliya cumberbatchПре 19 дана

    Hi u have the tiktok

  88. Esaias Daniels

    Esaias DanielsПре 19 дана


  89. Jay Jadeja

    Jay JadejaПре 19 дана

    When jj’s curtains finally go up

  90. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhПре 19 дана

    Did anyone else cringe when JJ said "back to being manly" 🤣🤣

  91. Scul_krushr

    Scul_krushrПре 20 дана

    Love the difference between JJ’s dad and my dad. JJ’s dads dream car Porsche my dads dream car a Jaguar F type


    NXS_KAMIKAZEПре 20 дана

    Ksi got a renovation in his room?

  93. jxmxx

    jxmxxПре 20 дана

    I’m sorry but the Kung fu panda post was the fucking best

  94. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhПре 19 дана

    على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩 على زق 💩💩

  95. RudyReyes

    RudyReyesПре 20 дана

    Bandicam exposed 😏

  96. Dumma

    DummaПре 20 дана

    Dream SMP deleted:

  97. DoctorRED

    DoctorREDПре 20 дана

    Ksi:*Making fun of pewdiepie for using bandicam* Me:*Saw JJ Bandicam* Also Me:wheeeeez



    i dont care

  99. chronic_x

    chronic_xПре 20 дана

    @TECHNICAL SUPPORT I destroyed ur gay pc bat man lookin a



    @chronic_x get scammed boi

  101. chronic_x

    chronic_xПре 20 дана

    ur gay kid

  102. TheOfficialName

    TheOfficialNameПре 20 дана

    You came back to see the bandicam didn’t you😂😂😂

  103. pew-_-

    pew-_-Пре 20 дана

    I need a ps5 to make my 2021 bearable lmao 😂

  104. Oliver Bell

    Oliver BellПре 20 дана

    JJ. time to be manly 5 seconds later (contagious laugh for a minute)

  105. Hyper for Games

    Hyper for GamesПре 20 дана

    KSI this the video you wanted

  106. Brad the lad

    Brad the ladПре 20 дана

    If you put the quality in 144p it makes it look like he has a beard 😅

  107. StandDown Gaming

    StandDown GamingПре 20 дана

    Who is here to see bandi cam logo

  108. The Breetha Jay

    The Breetha JayПре 20 дана

    Ariana Grande on Really love yall what you think🤔