Is Anne Marie My Secret Girlfriend?




  1. Anurag Bhandary

    Anurag BhandaryПре дан

    Get hyper is like rick roll to him now lol

  2. Axel Gaming

    Axel GamingПре дан

    This man made me watch a hamster twerk💀

  3. thilip varman

    thilip varmanПре дан


  4. vivaan sehwag

    vivaan sehwagПре дан

    12:22 set 8 kids during the school shootings

  5. Grapy

    GrapyПре 2 дана


  6. ravi khatri

    ravi khatriПре 2 дана

    That closest Ksi has gotten too the bunda

  7. Derreon Tucker

    Derreon TuckerПре 2 дана

    is that whiskey on your desk

  8. Sebastian

    SebastianПре 2 дана


  9. Posiedon

    PosiedonПре 3 дана

    Did anyone saw ksi spitting in his intro or was it just me 😂😁😀


    ATHARV BHAVSARПре 3 дана

    lol he is laughing by watching his laughing fuck yea my life was a lie

  11. TB Omus

    TB OmusПре 3 дана


  12. I Love Texting Stories

    I Love Texting StoriesПре 3 дана

    He could say anni marie dialogue but not his *laughing intensifies*

  13. Isaiah Vasquez

    Isaiah VasquezПре 3 дана

    i love how all the jokes in these videos are such inside jokes. like if someone new watched this first theyd be like wtf am i watching

  14. ElOakMC Gamer

    ElOakMC GamerПре 3 дана


  15. DataFactor

    DataFactorПре 3 дана

    How was this video 4 months ago

  16. spade

    spadeПре 3 дана

    9:30 i thought that was simon and talia in the other room

  17. Tyler P

    Tyler PПре 3 дана


  18. Aris Scolari

    Aris ScolariПре 4 дана


  19. Vaughn Sangalang

    Vaughn SangalangПре 4 дана

    so he cheated on his girlfriend


    TEXAS LONGHORNПре 4 дана

    The second Ksi looked over my waffles were done

  21. Emir Ynw

    Emir YnwПре 5 дана

    the white hamster looks like KSI the hamster fat KSI fat like father like son 😊😌

  22. Clinton alcoser

    Clinton alcoserПре 5 дана

    We need ksi to somehow do a song with Eminem

  23. Flappy Apple

    Flappy AppleПре 5 дана


  24. ReapsReaper

    ReapsReaperПре 5 дана

    Neo and Morpheus are the cutest things ever

  25. just drez

    just drezПре 6 дана

    KSI: your not fat fat your just fat with a ph

  26. Ninja Gamer Playz

    Ninja Gamer PlayzПре 6 дана

    I almost died of laughter

  27. أحمد وائل السيد الطنساوي

    أحمد وائل السيد الطنساويПре 6 дана

    my boy ksi turned to Charlie damelio at 11:52

  28. Vongola Decimo

    Vongola DecimoПре 7 дана

    Yo, at 3:45 you can see the picture of JJ wink lmfao

  29. MeBroModz

    MeBroModzПре 7 дана

    spoiler: jj transforms into a monkey in the middle of the video

  30. Guy Nahshony

    Guy NahshonyПре 7 дана

    i did not know vikstar was jewish

  31. Marilyn Diaz

    Marilyn DiazПре 7 дана

    14:57 until basically the end is like: 🤨

  32. JDaviss77

    JDaviss77Пре 7 дана

    That Jack Daniels chill in the back

  33. Jonathan Mayes

    Jonathan MayesПре 7 дана

    Neo ain’t fat he is just bulking

  34. 14 Years Ago

    14 Years AgoПре 7 дана

    *Rare footage of King Kong: **12:09*

  35. CloudyTroll

    CloudyTrollПре 8 дана

    is ksi bold?

  36. CloudyTroll

    CloudyTrollПре 8 дана


  37. Orlando Tartak

    Orlando TartakПре 8 дана

    Ur not fat fat ur fat with a ph good bunda 😂😂😂

  38. ZEY PD

    ZEY PDПре 8 дана

    i like how most of his audio is clipping

  39. Wangdruk Dukpa

    Wangdruk DukpaПре 8 дана


  40. Natatron 2000

    Natatron 2000Пре 8 дана

    12:20 to 12:28 stop anytime and look at ksis face

  41. Hello. It is me.

    Hello. It is me.Пре 8 дана

    6:35 IT the clown possesed JJ

  42. ßlu xeno

    ßlu xenoПре 9 дана

    אאאאשאשђﻮђยภєยภᑤᗫᘉᑤᑗᘉᙍᕼᖴᘉᙍᕼᑤᘉᕼᙍᖴᘉᑗ 尺Ɣχ

  43. Amogh Phadke

    Amogh PhadkeПре 9 дана

    2:15 that's a thoroughly broken man right there

  44. Ghoul

    GhoulПре 9 дана

    Imagine she just pops up in the comments

  45. Sudo Pierre

    Sudo PierreПре 10 дана

    Neo is violated👀

  46. John Mejia

    John MejiaПре 10 дана

    13:33 JJ panics

  47. DK _Psycho

    DK _PsychoПре 10 дана

    This was a cringe thumbnail ngl

  48. Niamh McCoy

    Niamh McCoyПре 10 дана

    9.30 Simon standing at the door

  49. Unspeakable Peeps

    Unspeakable PeepsПре 11 дана

    11:14 FACTS

  50. Unspeakable Peeps

    Unspeakable PeepsПре 11 дана

    9:32 I thought he started question his own life or something. XD

  51. Unspeakable Peeps

    Unspeakable PeepsПре 11 дана


  52. Unspeakable Peeps

    Unspeakable PeepsПре 11 дана

    2:00 Yup, definitely fake, it's a literal clickbait.

  53. Drag00n Gam1ng☑️

    Drag00n Gam1ng☑️Пре 11 дана

    5:20 Ahhahahaha

  54. Hiruharama 857

    Hiruharama 857Пре 11 дана

    2:14 song name?

  55. Ayesha Makik

    Ayesha MakikПре 11 дана

    His song with Anne is a add and I would wait for it to end it self instead of me doing it


    XFABIANKUNПре 11 дана

    My man the last part is the best s....x🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  57. Kdsti Gebrehiwet

    Kdsti GebrehiwetПре 12 дана

    god bless do not use God's name in vain pls!

  58. Quentin Booth II

    Quentin Booth IIПре 12 дана

    12:06 ????

  59. XackyOfficial

    XackyOfficialПре 12 дана

    13:32... Jj: I'm sorry... Me that didn't even understand the joke: I forgive you

  60. Snipezzx

    SnipezzxПре 12 дана

    6:34 sounds like scooby

  61. Chazy-B

    Chazy-BПре 12 дана

    The day JJ reveals his girlfriend is the day ill ask my crush out😊

  62. TrAzEaLeX08

    TrAzEaLeX08Пре 12 дана

    bottle of jack in the back lmaoo

  63. PeterSB

    PeterSBПре 13 дана

    JJ: calls Neo fat Neo: I’m trying to match your look JJ

  64. TeScucce

    TeScucceПре 11 дана

    😂😂Like father like son😂😂

  65. Vasily Dias

    Vasily DiasПре 13 дана

    "why are we still hear just suffering"(6:26)

  66. Jorja Merlo

    Jorja MerloПре 13 дана


  67. Yohaan Amrit

    Yohaan AmritПре 13 дана

    0:08 little fella finally escaped through the mouth

  68. Mueeddd

    MueedddПре 13 дана

    My man gets his sidemen news from sidemen updates, but he is in the sidemen😅

  69. Anonymous Bystander

    Anonymous BystanderПре 14 дана

    Ksi skirt had a PHAT bunda styll

  70. Goku black

    Goku blackПре 14 дана


  71. Goku black

    Goku blackПре 14 дана

    12:20 ape strong

  72. Bigcoochieboi

    BigcoochieboiПре 14 дана

    12:04 I think we have found jj getting hyper...someone pls put the music behind it

  73. Brett Childers

    Brett ChildersПре 14 дана

    That was just straight up SAVAGERY right there with Neo, Bruh

  74. AAISH

    AAISHПре 14 дана

    6:20 most wholesome jj voice Ur welcome

  75. Robert Vassila

    Robert VassilaПре 14 дана

    2:04 basically a Rick roll

  76. Abdiel Gonzalez

    Abdiel GonzalezПре 15 дана

    Ksi: it's a grape Me: what did he say

  77. Syed Shehryar Jawad Naqvi

    Syed Shehryar Jawad NaqviПре 15 дана

    moving everything...... even the alphorn

  78. Rolly Martinez

    Rolly MartinezПре 16 дана

    6:58 the comeback 😂😂😂😂

  79. Autumn Stevens

    Autumn StevensПре 17 дана

    Does jj have asthma??

  80. Ismail KHAN

    Ismail KHANПре 18 дана

    Jj if its below 8000 up votes I probably won't see it Everyone at 7999 "Mission failed well get em next time"

  81. Ismail KHAN

    Ismail KHANПре 18 дана

    On logans fight the rematch where he one someone on his team did a live thing and it showed jj kissing his girlfriend if you want to see how she looks search ksi girlfriend logan Paul rematch

  82. MelodicBeatz

    MelodicBeatzПре 13 дана

    Bro leave them alone

  83. Ismail KHAN

    Ismail KHANПре 18 дана

    Btw she/he is quite tall white and blonde

  84. Riyan Pillay

    Riyan PillayПре 18 дана

    6:23 neo be like fiona and adeola

  85. Adrian

    AdrianПре 19 дана

    0:08 it felt like it landed on me

  86. YT_Elieminator69

    YT_Elieminator69Пре 19 дана

    slide 7/9

  87. Def Pro Gamer

    Def Pro GamerПре 20 дана

    I DIED WHEN HE SAID Big leooo big fatty bom bomb 😂😂😭😂😂😂😭😭😭

  88. AnonymousGamer

    AnonymousGamerПре 20 дана

    Neo when getting called fat: *workes out* Jj when getting called fat: fam allow it im bulking


    FALCO LYNXX VEVOПре 20 дана

    3:49 When your Parents Caught you while watching Salman Khan Movie's Worst actor of Bollywood

  90. TheBetaPerson

    TheBetaPersonПре 20 дана

    12:23, Well it can’t be that hard getting it out well?

  91. Aloha Tigers

    Aloha TigersПре 20 дана

    You’re not skinny, you’re LEAN. Just don’t eat more than 2 meals a day or snacks. There’s no reason to drink water that you don’t feel thirsty. Train your mind to eat less. You feel like you’re hungry but you’re not. You feel like you’re thirsty but you’re not. You can eat & drink whatever you want as long as someone offers you. Other than that, don’t buy it.

  92. Dani Varga

    Dani VargaПре 21 дан

    "Those who believe and get baptized will be welcomed who don't will get away" Mark 16,16

  93. Help please

    Help pleaseПре 21 дан

    12:23 you can here the devil

  94. VarDes

    VarDesПре 22 дана

    this guy's so loud, the audio isn't clear anymore -_-

  95. Nesta.videos

    Nesta.videosПре 23 дана

    Lol my cuz name is Neo and now he hates u bc of that clip,I keep showing it to him and i keep laughing 😂😂😂,keep up with the good content

  96. PlayRahan 247

    PlayRahan 247Пре 23 дана

    Yo Anne lowkey perfect for ksi

  97. Popsicle Ice

    Popsicle IceПре 23 дана

    4:05 -7:01 Just wait till dababy watches this video.

  98. Bipu Gurung

    Bipu GurungПре 23 дана

    Rip to headphone or earphone users🤞🙏🤣

  99. Ifeelbad4 U

    Ifeelbad4 UПре 23 дана

    lol his nose pops in the skirt

  100. Emir Sagir

    Emir SagirПре 24 дана

    look at his laugh

  101. Ayaz Er

    Ayaz ErПре 24 дана


  102. KSI Clips

    KSI ClipsПре 24 дана

    hey guys! just started a new gaming channel, would mean a lot to me if you guys would take a look at some of the videos! and while you're there, drop a like and subscribe! THANK YOU!

  103. TBB BBT

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  104. Lord ShivaG

    Lord ShivaGПре 25 дана

    11:08 If only he clicked onto the next 2 slides to see his actual artwork