I've Been Lied To...

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  1. Dan The Diamond Man

    Dan The Diamond ManПре 2 сата

    I love how Mo is over 400k rn

  2. Ssprinkles

    SsprinklesПре 3 сата

    I remembered one guy that time lapsed the whole painting being built. Even if he had schematic, he spent a lot of time placing every block.

  3. Chuza_ Joshua_8R

    Chuza_ Joshua_8RПре дан

    Aww an engagement gift? 5:30

  4. Andre Cervantes

    Andre CervantesПре дан

    Baldski should have it’s own tier



    Play this video in 2x speed

  6. Vx1 FlïpZz

    Vx1 FlïpZzПре дан

    Dude 9:00 that wasn’t fake bro that’s disrespect to that poor man dude

  7. yzal yob

    yzal yobПре 2 дана


  8. K Kay

    K KayПре 3 дана

    I disliked cause he didnt appreciate that mans work


    JOHN NGOПре 5 дана

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  10. Fire Pig

    Fire PigПре 5 дана

    One question jj are u unrabked

  11. babatunde needs wotah

    babatunde needs wotahПре 7 дана

    How can a beerus chain cost half a million like bruh

  12. Fret N

    Fret NПре 8 дана


  13. Multi Univers3

    Multi Univers3Пре 8 дана

    Wtf is wrong with jj?

  14. Yasser blog

    Yasser blogПре 9 дана

    You win JJ

  15. John Parsons

    John ParsonsПре 10 дана

    Fyi. Mo now has over 400 k

  16. kushal T.M

    kushal T.MПре 11 дана

    Come on JJ this is proof that the cube guy was innocent and he worked hard to make it :https: //rsclub.info/life/video/mofZadpujp-LxrU.html

  17. Ares Zelf

    Ares ZelfПре 11 дана

    Ksi: “if I laugh I go bald ski” Ksi:*Laughs*

  18. Glizzy Gladiator

    Glizzy GladiatorПре 13 дана

    He just bought some new rubik's cubes and put it together and said it took him 6 hours( watch at 3:39 through 3:46 )

  19. xxcallum_12 3

    xxcallum_12 3Пре 14 дана

    Anyone else in 4 mo the rice gum went down 100k subs and jj went up 1.2 million subs( jjssecond Chanel passes rice gum main account.

  20. kapp kapp

    kapp kappПре 14 дана

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  21. Daniel Roz

    Daniel RozПре 14 дана

    Jake: We go bar for bar Scru: Confused screaming

  22. tala Hussein

    tala HusseinПре 14 дана

    The one that Simon got me 👀😏

  23. Gauransh Chawla

    Gauransh ChawlaПре 19 дана

    7:22 and Ricegum has 10.5 million subscribers now😂😂

  24. Sage D

    Sage DПре 20 дана

    Yo rice gum has only lost subscribers since

  25. pt playz

    pt playzПре 21 дан

    We've already beat ricegum

  26. Pratham Nabira

    Pratham NabiraПре 21 дан

    jj was kinda rude to that rubics cube guy

  27. eregerwerr erfe

    eregerwerr erfeПре 21 дан

    why u goin hard on jj

  28. Fighter JetYT

    Fighter JetYTПре 23 дана

    read more show less

  29. Mihir Naran

    Mihir NaranПре 26 дана

    I kinda feel bad for that Rubex cube guy

  30. Omphile Ngele

    Omphile NgeleПре 26 дана

    Yo i just subbed to mo yoo guys go sub i just watched one of his vids he is the one to beat

  31. Gravoz

    GravozПре 26 дана

    Dixie has like 12m monthly listeners lmao

  32. Lucas

    LucasПре 26 дана


  33. Sameer Padghan

    Sameer PadghanПре 27 дана

    whatever tf is between his teeth is annoying the shit outta me

  34. Lucas

    LucasПре 26 дана

    Then leave

  35. AGS Official Gaming

    AGS Official GamingПре 28 дана

    Bruh KSI you are so mean ima bully you even better on Reddit

  36. Danilegend9

    Danilegend9Пре 29 дана

    Booom das mad

  37. Rehena Begum

    Rehena BegumПре 29 дана

    LOL i just check ricegum now has 10.5M instead of 10.6M subcribers lets aim for 9M for ricegum XD

  38. Ankur Jain

    Ankur JainПре месец

    Ur so mean to the Rubin cube gut I’m unsubscribing 😒😒😞😞

  39. Lucas

    LucasПре 26 дана

    lol leave then

  40. jackson

    jacksonПре месец

    Would it still be called "hairstyle" if your head doesn't even have hair anymore?

  41. LoV 91zA1

    LoV 91zA1Пре месец

    I wish i could get a sub without uploading a video .... Nope not happening

  42. ThatOneDude579

    ThatOneDude579Пре месец

    Imagine he didn’t have a idea of the 10mil sub video so what he did was made that challenge so people could give him ideas and he chose the best one.

  43. Avinash The GhoStRiDeR

    Avinash The GhoStRiDeRПре месец

    1:19 Meanwhile Ksi: Ariana Grande hot bo@bs😂

  44. savage x

    savage xПре месец

    Disliked the rubies cube video is real I feel real bad

  45. Deezey

    DeezeyПре месец


  46. The Vagabond

    The VagabondПре месец

    God damn that was a good deep fake

  47. FIЯΣツ

    FIЯΣツПре месец

    Play minecraft you won't

  48. brodinoHQ 2.0

    brodinoHQ 2.0Пре месец

    Deji before: You Dramatic F**k Also deji: Im Blessed

  49. Hello Rawr

    Hello RawrПре месец

    Pissed me off when he downvoted the rubiks cube guy shit man. Everyone disliked that.


    RAYAN KASHYAPПре месец

    JJ that Rubik's cube guy actually made that. dont downvote him man

  51. TheFASTCuber.

    TheFASTCuber.Пре месец

    Cmon why did u dislike that master piece just search it up about how they do it, bruh u for the first time man

  52. DeMa Nosh

    DeMa NoshПре месец

    'Quite literally' is the new favourite meme

  53. Sky Gamer11560

    Sky Gamer11560Пре месец

    No now at 400k

  54. Barhino 09

    Barhino 09Пре месец

    6:58 hes not EVEN SUBBED

  55. Tanvir Dulai

    Tanvir DulaiПре месец

    Ya um Dixie has 10 mil and JJ has 5 mil so . . . . .

  56. Dex

    DexПре месец

    KSI STUFF = hamster stuff but if he lost tht beerus chain fam tht equals endgame

  57. Kennedy 0

    Kennedy 0Пре месец

    bro jj the rubix cube was real dude even did a whole time lapse cmon man i feel bad for him he looks so happy on it

  58. Hussain Ghuman

    Hussain GhumanПре месец

    "NaH tHiS iS sOmE rEaL lIfE hAcK" ??????

  59. Andrew Zavala

    Andrew ZavalaПре месец


  60. Tirelo Matshane

    Tirelo MatshaneПре месец

    We need one question go😔

  61. Chill Hype

    Chill HypeПре месец

    Wow rice gum lost subscribers 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Janak Meighoo

    Janak MeighooПре месец

    The guy that got 1 million subs without posting was Mr. Beast's brother after Mr. Beast shouted him out in one of his vids

  63. Prime X05

    Prime X05Пре месец

    2:42 🤣 he changed the topic straight away after he said jj's height

  64. Gamedw

    GamedwПре месец

    @9:34 a good view of his so called beard

  65. FIЯΣツ

    FIЯΣツПре месец

    0:17 we mean your damn beard

  66. Jean Pachon

    Jean PachonПре месец

    jesus christ, imagine how many awards were given on reddit for those minecraft videos. Guys you gotta start recording the whole process lol. If theres actually some of you doing it.

  67. David Lambrano

    David LambranoПре месец

    ayo bro why were you so mean to the rubiks cube guy fam it was real you saw the video lmao

  68. Vid Laznik Šoštar

    Vid Laznik ŠoštarПре месец

    I miss when people used to do the Minecraft block painting thing for real

  69. Arpan Mukherjee

    Arpan MukherjeeПре месец

    Do u even know how hard it's to solve one cube

  70. Arpan Mukherjee

    Arpan MukherjeeПре месец

    You are fake not the Rubik's cub guy


    JORDI CORTEZПре месец


  72. jayden from tiktok

    jayden from tiktokПре месец

    Ayyy making this the 16,001th comment

  73. Bethany Mitchell

    Bethany MitchellПре месец

    JJ: " ugh feeling eugh, ugh emotions eugh". 10:53 Everyone dislikes that

  74. Metal music boi

    Metal music boiПре месец

    Bruh u just copy pasted the same comment made 3 hours b4 this one, good job dumbass

  75. zWRLD

    zWRLDПре месец

    JJ: " ugh feeling eugh, ugh emotions eugh". 10:53 *Everyone dislikes that*

  76. InshiroDowMi

    InshiroDowMiПре месец

    the only ksi i hate tbh, rubiks cube guy banged it

  77. Legends501 Pat

    Legends501 PatПре месец

    Justice for Rubix's Cuba guy!!!

  78. Luab Nholiejian Niño A.

    Luab Nholiejian Niño A.Пре месец

    So KSI bald head is a pretty good hair style is he talking about his hairs on his brains or armpits?

  79. Tun Kom

    Tun KomПре 2 месеца


  80. Alfi Artya Diwanda

    Alfi Artya DiwandaПре 2 месеца

    The cube guy is the one who win Erling Haaland Birthday gift, isn't it?

  81. Hi Waassaap

    Hi WaassaapПре 2 месеца

    Noooo poor cube guy😞😞

  82. Javari Whilby

    Javari WhilbyПре 2 месеца

    I was feeling sad and then a voice in my head just told me to come on youtube and the first video i saw was this one so i watched it and now im happy

  83. Karanja Makumi

    Karanja MakumiПре 2 месеца


  84. Fatih Silmy

    Fatih SilmyПре 2 месеца

    So sad for the rubic cube guy. Do not say that what JJ did was a joke.

  85. dante lindo

    dante lindoПре 2 месеца

    Mo syed got 300 thousand now

  86. Reece Adriaans

    Reece AdriaansПре 2 месеца

    JJ wins in monthly listeners Vik: Alright let's see who has more eyebrows JJ: Let's see who has more forehead Vik: let's see who has a better beard *everybody liked that*

  87. Reece Adriaans

    Reece AdriaansПре 2 месеца

    @Crazy Crown thanks bro!

  88. Crazy Crown

    Crazy CrownПре 2 месеца

    Why does this have 0 likes even if it's 1 hour ago it's a comedic Masterpiece

  89. Br4ke 637

    Br4ke 637Пре 2 месеца

    We pat ricegum

  90. akil williams

    akil williamsПре 2 месеца

    Even tho it's fake he still could of gave him a like for Photoshopping ☹️

  91. joe kim

    joe kimПре 2 месеца

    Poor rubik’s cube guy.

  92. Iñigo Llave

    Iñigo LlaveПре 2 месеца

    5:13 i think the beast cap would be better than the beerus chain. lmao

  93. john andrei callanga

    john andrei callangaПре 2 месеца


  94. john andrei callanga

    john andrei callangaПре 2 месеца


  95. xX YABA Xx

    xX YABA XxПре 2 месеца

    When jj missed ainsley hariot saying give your meat a good ol rub

  96. TFusions

    TFusionsПре 2 месеца

    he has 389k now

  97. Random dude

    Random dudeПре 2 месеца


  98. Fuze

    FuzeПре 2 месеца

    mo is on almost 400k subs

  99. Storming

    StormingПре 2 месеца


  100. AStroNI

    AStroNIПре 2 месеца

    Its been 3 months since this video came out and JJ is in 11m now

  101. Raven Aussie

    Raven AussieПре 2 месеца

    JJ: "Hey, we could get him 100,000 subscribers, without even uploading a video, that would be jokes." Justin Y.: "I'm coughing, but it ain't the coronavirus."

  102. SuttonTV

    SuttonTVПре 2 месеца

    Yep now rice is on 10.5 and jj is on 11.


    BATIN OWNED YOUПре 2 месеца


  104. Tafara Nyadundu

    Tafara NyadunduПре 2 месеца

    If JJ's beard actually grew properly, he could do bald

  105. Astro Pysics

    Astro PysicsПре 2 месеца

    Has anyone realized that JJ passed riceGum in subscribers?!

  106. Byajoint 420

    Byajoint 420Пре 2 месеца


  107. AK GAMER

    AK GAMERПре 2 месеца