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  1. Sürensen Kylez

    Sürensen KylezПре 3 дана

    i dont get it the washing machine and the baby joke

  2. Haider Irfan

    Haider IrfanПре 4 дана

    jj: im smoke tonight, bullies everyone redditors: hold my beer bich

  3. Fatima Sheikh

    Fatima SheikhПре 8 дана

    6:18 😂😂"oooooh , threesome?" JJ : alright get out

  4. AjGamez_ And More

    AjGamez_ And MoreПре 11 дана

    15:31 I think he’s from Birmingham with that accent

  5. Al nabe Rondzilla

    Al nabe RondzillaПре 13 дана

    The actual good one question go

  6. Jden SP

    Jden SPПре 19 дана

    This is a great video to show why we bully JJ

  7. Prince Kayne

    Prince KayneПре 21 дан

    3:20 lmaoooo

  8. Maman SKy Omari

    Maman SKy OmariПре 21 дан

    I want one question go back because that was my only chance to talk to my idol

  9. Max McInnes

    Max McInnesПре 23 дана

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  10. Thoshan: The Musical

    Thoshan: The MusicalПре 27 дана

    I’m gonna head butted you 😂😂😂😂

  11. Kian Kashefi

    Kian KashefiПре 27 дана

    Nobody: JJ: yo mum

  12. Slo-mo/Timelapse Miles

    Slo-mo/Timelapse MilesПре 27 дана

    Alternate title. KSI gets bullied for 18.44 minutes straight

  13. Shadow of Laughter

    Shadow of LaughterПре 29 дана

    The second guy came out like a possessive girlfriend fam

  14. Avery Vlogs

    Avery VlogsПре месец

    hello I hope ur day is going good no I'm not a bot but my name is avery Wagner I'm 18 years old and I'm starting up my RSclub channel again to try and help people with suicidal thoughts or think there life isn't worth it. I'm here to show them that alot of people care and that they are here for a reason and everyone has a purpose. my goal is to make everyone smile and have an amazing day and give them joy in life😊 if you want to sub to my channel you can i would be forever greatful

  15. Khalid I

    Khalid IПре месец

    His mum probably isn’t even dead



    3:38 tht sounds like tyson fury

  17. Daily 8ight

    Daily 8ightПре месец

    I felt it when that kid said she's dead

  18. Daily 8ight

    Daily 8ightПре 26 дана

    @videogameflumingo yeah probably

  19. videogameflumingo

    videogameflumingoПре 26 дана

    He's probably lying anyways to make KSI feel bad about himself, a lot of people do that.

  20. Independent Virus

    Independent VirusПре месец

    This is so funny, that everyone is roasting him

  21. RideExpedition

    RideExpeditionПре месец

    Ffs, not this again

  22. Leo Messi

    Leo MessiПре месец

    The best video ever 🤣😅😂♥️

  23. John Plangca

    John PlangcaПре месец

    7:19 man was looking up hot anime girls

  24. Amar Makhamadaliev

    Amar MakhamadalievПре месец

    You have to respect how he’s more nice with kids.


    BOSS MAYNEПре месец

    What website they chattin on

  26. Moksh Sharma

    Moksh SharmaПре месец

    10:35 is what you came for. Feat. Your mum. Aah aah aah aah aah aah aah.

  27. Are you sure about that?

    Are you sure about that?Пре месец

    These kids are really not funny imo They are just coming at KSI like they are angry at their mom for taking away their Xbox

  28. Howie Tran

    Howie TranПре месец

    Big head small brain

  29. Florin Englezu

    Florin EnglezuПре месец

    the last one is so fucking cringey

  30. Nasariya Ashraf

    Nasariya AshrafПре месец

    How to get a small forehead For big foreheaders Shave the forehead Thank me later!!

  31. Ploopy Head

    Ploopy HeadПре месец

    “At least I’m not on my 5th abortion”💀💀

  32. Patrick Beverley

    Patrick BeverleyПре месец

    August gang wya

  33. Mike Redd

    Mike ReddПре месец

    fuck off bitch

  34. AffableAussie

    AffableAussieПре месец


  35. Cryptic Beaner

    Cryptic BeanerПре месец

    Racist white children🙄

  36. KxngDivineXD _

    KxngDivineXD _Пре месец

    The 5th abortion one got me lmao lmao lmao lmao lmaoo

  37. Waffles

    WafflesПре месец

    1 like = more proof I’m gay 👇

  38. ダビデ王

    ダビデ王Пре месец

    4:29 killed me 😂😂😂

  39. ARH6435

    ARH6435Пре месец

    That first kid just acting like a roadman , private school wannabe roadman

  40. SmezzieWezzie

    SmezzieWezzieПре месец

    Bruh why does everyone come at him lmao

  41. Luqman Hakeem

    Luqman HakeemПре месец

    14:09 When a kid seems more matured than JJ

  42. StratozXD

    StratozXDПре месец

    JJ fans: asks a legit question JJ: Idk your mum lol 😂 #stopjjfansabuse

  43. Sisi Tadi

    Sisi TadiПре месец

    Love the last one so sweet🖤🖤🖤