How Big Is My Ego?

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  1. RyanCCR

    RyanCCRПре 49 минута

    This video is the biggest lie everrr

  2. farris shalaby

    farris shalabyПре 3 сата

    imagine in the end it just said ''your an egotistical fuck''

  3. Matthew Abdelmessih

    Matthew AbdelmessihПре 2 дана

    KSI: I rarely say I’m the best. 8 mins later KSI: I’m sick!

  4. Anže Cerar

    Anže CerarПре 2 дана

    At least his ego is 6ft

  5. JoJo Jr.

    JoJo Jr.Пре 3 дана

    JJ from 3:00 "Suffering from Being Famous"


    DEVANG SHAJIПре 3 дана

    According to the test I'm a Zen monk...


    PLATINUMПре 4 дана

    JJ: Having big ego REDDIT- oi FAT KSI

  8. Student - Oscar Nyberg

    Student - Oscar NybergПре 4 дана

    The next video that is in my recommendation right now is jj’s “This Is Why I’m Amazing”

  9. Jan Vladík

    Jan VladíkПре 4 дана

    The outro lol

  10. JDominiic Zoilo

    JDominiic ZoiloПре 5 дана

    I took the test and I got Zen Monk

  11. Max Megahey

    Max MegaheyПре 5 дана

    “I think I’m quite humble”😂😂😂😂

  12. GeorgePsychedelic

    GeorgePsychedelicПре 6 дана

    The ego can't exist by itself. You create your own ego. And having an ego isn't natural at all even though we are identifying with this ego which isn't true at all but we are the only one that can give truth to the ego. And the only way to let go of the ego is by practicing meditation.

  13. Mint_YT

    Mint_YTПре 7 дана

    KSI* I like it when people are mean to me KSI sub Reddit* so u have chosen death

  14. Akshin Barathi

    Akshin BarathiПре 7 дана

    f**** man i got the same mn ksi , all get alost the samme thing

  15. SatrioSaz

    SatrioSazПре 8 дана

    My ego is so low, everytime i say something is gonna happen i always doubt myself immediately, its a problem for me and i dont now how to fix it

  16. Edward Harrison

    Edward HarrisonПре 9 дана

    I like KSI but I personally hate love island Love island is jake paul

  17. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  18. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  19. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  20. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  21. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  22. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  23. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  24. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  25. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  26. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана


  27. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана

    Nah I'm gat

  28. banana boi saucedo

    banana boi saucedoПре 9 дана

    Can we 64k down vote s

  29. Mark FitzGerald

    Mark FitzGeraldПре 10 дана


  30. james holloway

    james hollowayПре 10 дана

    LMAOOOOO I thought my man said zoo'd up cum

  31. Beast Gamer

    Beast GamerПре 10 дана

    JJ- doing a friendly video Me- Trying to look for funny-gringe moments and post it up of reddit.

  32. Leighton Cheuk

    Leighton CheukПре 11 дана

    later puts out a lyric: "im a god like beerus"

  33. Assassin Jack

    Assassin JackПре 11 дана

    now he needs to have his friends answer the questions for him to see what they say

  34. Wide Eyed Boy

    Wide Eyed BoyПре 12 дана


  35. mcboy 124

    mcboy 124Пре 14 дана

    JJ how big is my ego the app you have a massive ego JJ as big as my forehead the app yes JJ let's check your monthly listeners

  36. DonutFlyte

    DonutFlyteПре 16 дана

    Bigger than your forehead

  37. BlankUsername

    BlankUsernameПре 18 дана

    Dude I got “Full of myself” wtf

  38. Master Fighting Association

    Master Fighting AssociationПре 18 дана

    KSI today: I rarely call myself the best, I'm not egotistical KSI usually: Aight let's check his monthly listeners

  39. Robin Lee

    Robin LeeПре 19 дана


  40. Imeth Kumarasena

    Imeth KumarasenaПре 23 дана

    I took the same quiz and the same result came 😂

  41. Anastasia Tassis

    Anastasia TassisПре месец

    People without weaknesses are G.O.A.T

  42. Paolo Romeo Patrimonio

    Paolo Romeo PatrimonioПре месец

    The only thing bigger than JJ's ego is his forehead. Ps: I love ksi

  43. Larzone2.0

    Larzone2.0Пре месец

    Nice that joke is like 30 years old but nice joke

  44. Ved Shukla

    Ved ShuklaПре месец

    humble people dont call themselves humble

  45. EEE EEE

    EEE EEEПре месец

    " I think I'm humble" FUE FUE FUE

  46. Rahul

    RahulПре месец

    I think JJ has the perfect amount of ego to be successful. It’s not too much and it’s not too little.

  47. Abdi nassor

    Abdi nassorПре месец

    8:48 growing a beard?

  48. Shady 500

    Shady 500Пре месец

    This test is the one thing to get his ego to rise

  49. Shabana Shaikh

    Shabana ShaikhПре месец

    Jua lipa🤓

  50. Nichole Johns

    Nichole JohnsПре месец

    I don’t say I’m the best i say I’m a god

  51. Agha Zahra

    Agha ZahraПре месец

    The peace that he have and how he doesn't care is the greatest ever

  52. Ethan Brown

    Ethan BrownПре месец

    By taking this test he has just added to his ego...

  53. Ethan Brown

    Ethan BrownПре месец

    Do you think you are better than other people? Me to JJ: Be careful on what you say next, your life hangs in the balance.

  54. Alexandre Gariépy

    Alexandre GariépyПре месец

    I got the one question go videos on my mind...Still love your vids.

  55. Scatter Shot

    Scatter ShotПре месец

    I have no weakness, MURAL - NANI ???

  56. TellyTubby 007

    TellyTubby 007Пре месец

    this video is a complete madness

  57. Mann Brann

    Mann BrannПре месец

    Pettion for Jake Paul to take this test.

  58. The Agamer

    The AgamerПре месец

    Fun fact in persian it is quite common to say we when referring to yourself

  59. Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur

    Tupax Amaru Makaveli ShakurПре месец

    Deji you do this

  60. SUPRA

    SUPRAПре месец

    i got zen monk too...all the people get that one. The website is full of RSclub ADS. ( i mean BULLSHIT)

  61. Chandette Borgonia Live

    Chandette Borgonia LiveПре месец

    So... he- he likes to be made fun off?..... Welp thank god redit exist😂

  62. The Unkown Gaming Guy

    The Unkown Gaming GuyПре месец

    Hey jj You should make a video on sam says sweet sound(an ai who knows everythin)


    ROY DORADOПре месец

    JJ. You are king 👑🗣


    AZWAD SIFATПре месец


  65. Yuga Tharkude

    Yuga TharkudeПре месец

    Question: How often do you use the word greatest? JJ: *Never.* Literally next question: Is it hard for you to keep your mind down? JJ: *I'm amazing, probably the greatest ever at that.*

  66. Prithvi Arulraj

    Prithvi ArulrajПре месец

    Guys he's successful and from where he came and where now he is is insane

  67. Viggo Eriksson

    Viggo ErikssonПре месец

    Do a manipulating video on your friends and try to convince them on something rediculus😅

  68. Cracker Carlos

    Cracker CarlosПре месец


  69. Bbenjamoney

    BbenjamoneyПре месец

    Bruh did anyone else mis read the title as eggo instead ego

  70. Lil God

    Lil GodПре месец

    JJ: I hate talking myself up Also JJ: I’m a god like beerus

  71. Animosity

    AnimosityПре 27 дана

    Underrated comment

  72. Sompa Baah

    Sompa BaahПре месец

    I'm just staring at his durag

  73. Starbeyond

    StarbeyondПре месец

    Damn, they think you're 6'5, that's like 6 extra inches.

  74. CQS rip off

    CQS rip offПре месец

    hi you made it poggers

  75. CQS rip off

    CQS rip offПре месец

    11:43 the k in ksi read less haha u thought

  76. La BagOBread

    La BagOBreadПре месец

    JJ is the most egotistic RSclubr I've ever seen lmao. Hes calmed down a bit this year though.

  77. Anxious Theif

    Anxious TheifПре месец

    I appreciate you being a normal person even though your famous.

  78. Jay I am

    Jay I amПре месец

    Nice name

  79. FishiMishy

    FishiMishyПре месец

    Bigger than your forehead

  80. Max Ibarra

    Max IbarraПре месец


  81. Logan Roark

    Logan RoarkПре месец

    This video is specifically made to talk about himself. And he still talks more about himself in other videos😂😂😂😂

  82. Charlie Arnold

    Charlie ArnoldПре месец

    the next video that got recommended to me was his vid titled this is why im so amazing smh

  83. MCS Grotesc

    MCS GrotescПре месец

    I like it when people insult me too jj it’s not weird

  84. Ahmed Abdul-Qader

    Ahmed Abdul-QaderПре месец


  85. Calum Fahey

    Calum FaheyПре месец

    There was more lies in this one video than my whole childhood

  86. JyZack Tv

    JyZack TvПре месец

    im perfect a liltle bit there

  87. Binky Tinky

    Binky TinkyПре месец

    Jj is there any chanse of you geting me a chain (not as big as beerus)

  88. Animorphus

    AnimorphusПре месец

    His ego is bigger than the mushroom cloud produced by the Tsar Bomba

  89. Everardo Bernal

    Everardo BernalПре месец



    SIVESH SOMANIПре месец

    JJ: im not egotistical also JJ: 8:04

  91. SySir ¡

    SySir ¡Пре 2 месеца

    12:14 reddit fuck him up real bad

  92. dhruv meena

    dhruv meenaПре 2 месеца

    Zero drama lmao

  93. Monkey.D. Luffy

    Monkey.D. LuffyПре 2 месеца

    JJ:How big is my Ego Me:Over 9000!!!!

  94. Pixel_Playz

    Pixel_PlayzПре 2 месеца

    After seeing the result the ego went up i think 14:09

  95. Gang of Gaming

    Gang of GamingПре 2 месеца

    Am I the only person whose phone vibrates when jj shouts

  96. louie____yeeet

    louie____yeeetПре 2 месеца

    KSI: I never use the words best or greatest about my self Also KSI: I'M THE BEST AT SLEEPING

  97. M.Ilyaas Allie

    M.Ilyaas AllieПре 22 дана


  98. Hulohot Espagnol

    Hulohot EspagnolПре 2 месеца

    Man's wearing Tobi's merch. Respect.

  99. fluffy floffles

    fluffy flofflesПре 2 месеца

    i think jj finds it funny when people are being mean to him because.... he doesnt care. and the whole point of being mean to someone is to make them care or you assume they DO care.... which he doesnt. therefore he finds it funny future psychologist or wotevaaa

  100. Ayan Das

    Ayan DasПре 2 месеца

    Only Mo can reveal d truths

  101. Pure Nightmare

    Pure NightmareПре 2 месеца

    Am I the only one who wants to see JJ on I’m a celeb? 😁

  102. Alexander Carrier

    Alexander CarrierПре 2 месеца

    this vid is a lie

  103. Just Jamie

    Just JamieПре 2 месеца

    I actually learnt from this video damn


    CLARKSTER PRØ XDПре 2 месеца