A KSI & Pokimane Deepfake has been made

New Song: rsclub.info/life/video/n4bDndd4i4yd1tc.html
Stream Here: k-s-i.lnk.to/ReallyLoveID


  1. TheAlphaDriver-Asphalt 8

    TheAlphaDriver-Asphalt 8Пре 8 сати

    actually , the way he laughs makes make laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Synzz Ryft

    Synzz RyftПре 9 сати

    *plays the song for one second* “It’s amazing”

  3. Absolute Weirdo

    Absolute WeirdoПре 9 сати

    4:57 yes I did🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Him Me

    Him MeПре 12 сати

    I did

  5. Ahmed Saeed

    Ahmed SaeedПре 14 сати

    Bruh I laughed so hard Man.......

  6. xabi.greenx

    xabi.greenxПре 15 сати

    I laughed at the chair before jj even started laughing guys what's wrong with me

  7. Elite Booz

    Elite BoozПре 16 сати


  8. might jiren

    might jirenПре 16 сати

    the next vid try not to laugh at my laugh

  9. Dhruv Sethi

    Dhruv SethiПре 17 сати

    laughed like u twat

  10. damnation

    damnationПре 17 сати

    what is it with british people and hairlines?

  11. D'Andre Turner

    D'Andre TurnerПре дан

    Laughed at the chair

  12. 2side Loafz

    2side LoafzПре дан

    how u gonna hit ur mom in the face with a ball jj says legits smackes mom on Christmas day

  13. Rakshit Khandelwal

    Rakshit KhandelwalПре дан

    Well the chair got me

  14. Demi Batziolas

    Demi BatziolasПре дан

    boi you made me laugh again

  15. Saryah Figueroa

    Saryah FigueroaПре 2 дана

    ngl when he started laughing at the chair i started dying

  16. Sayne Core

    Sayne CoreПре 2 дана

    WTF that chair telling jokes I died

  17. Zwand

    ZwandПре 2 дана

    I was dying when JJ laughed into the alphorn

  18. Gage Chafe

    Gage ChafeПре 2 дана

    It worked

  19. Jamal

    JamalПре 3 дана

    you know you a comedic genius when you can make someone laugh at a chair with you


    JJC PLAYZYTПре 3 дана

    that laugh is the most powerful thing i am laying on the ground laughing to heaven rn

  21. PoP Dizzle

    PoP DizzleПре 3 дана

    Nobody 5:06 JJ laughing at a chair

  22. Lorenzo Rojas

    Lorenzo RojasПре 3 дана

    i cant breathe

  23. Enoch music4all

    Enoch music4allПре 3 дана

    5:13 I fsfs laughed wth'

  24. itzMeJacky

    itzMeJackyПре 3 дана

    5:14 this is what made me laugh (Spam 5:14)

  25. Fun Fence

    Fun FenceПре 3 дана

    your fucking laugh man

  26. Narain Garh

    Narain GarhПре 3 дана

    litrelly laughed my ass off

  27. mexknifer

    mexkniferПре 3 дана

    You got me af 5:02 man 😂😭😭

  28. Viliami Holameitonga

    Viliami HolameitongaПре 4 дана

    it worked -_-

  29. Jkki Jjju

    Jkki JjjuПре 4 дана

    if this man kicked a ball he’d actually be 6’

  30. Rish Fish

    Rish FishПре 4 дана

    The laugh is contagious

  31. DeltaGamer

    DeltaGamerПре 4 дана

    Dude when he start coughing while laugh I cant stop my laugh dude idk

  32. Kurtis Ellwood

    Kurtis EllwoodПре 4 дана

    I laugh

  33. saron binyam

    saron binyamПре 4 дана

    Actually I laughed when I saw the chair.🤣

  34. yaqoub TnT

    yaqoub TnTПре 4 дана

    bro that chair is damn funny

  35. EDITZ X9X

    EDITZ X9XПре 5 дана

    Viewers: laughing at chair JJ: laughing at Chair Chair: 👁~👁 I ain’t know I showed up to be disrespected

  36. Tauqir Qureshi

    Tauqir QureshiПре 3 сата


  37. luka nozadze

    luka nozadzeПре 5 дана

    i just laughed because you laughed at the chair so yes it worked wtf

  38. Stephen Haylor

    Stephen HaylorПре 5 дана

    I died laughing at the chair

  39. Sachinisdabest

    SachinisdabestПре 5 дана

    I could not stop laughing after the rocket league post

  40. Alisajad Barat

    Alisajad BaratПре 5 дана

    yes it got me from nowhere...

  41. Callum Cogger

    Callum CoggerПре 5 дана

    I dunno y but I actually laughed

  42. AbRaX

    AbRaXПре 5 дана

    Bro I died at the chair laughing.

  43. KrunchAway

    KrunchAwayПре 5 дана

    why did i laugh

  44. Euphorium

    EuphoriumПре 5 дана

    He made me laugh at a fucking chair. Wow

  45. Apollo Octagon

    Apollo OctagonПре 5 дана

    Fucking human traah

  46. Ben Rodriquez

    Ben RodriquezПре 5 дана

    Tf why did the laugh work!?

  47. DannyAH99

    DannyAH99Пре 6 дана

    Still can’t box

  48. marco tapia

    marco tapiaПре 6 дана

    We should be sad we laughed at a chair

  49. Niaz S

    Niaz SПре 6 дана

    what the hell is a deepfake

  50. Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028

    Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Пре 6 дана

    im dead 9:06 im gone

  51. Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028

    Jean-Phanuel Chumbow 2028Пре 6 дана

    5:08 i laugh so hard whyyyyy im dead

  52. Peeluc 1122

    Peeluc 1122Пре 6 дана

    I laughed so hard

  53. Komodo Figures

    Komodo FiguresПре 6 дана

    Damn, I chuckled at the chair and that was the second time I saw this.

  54. Miron Arai

    Miron AraiПре 6 дана

    The laugh worked

  55. Nehemiah Stein

    Nehemiah SteinПре 7 дана

    That laughing there I actually laughed

  56. Juliette Prior

    Juliette PriorПре 5 дана

    Nice comment

  57. koi gaming

    koi gamingПре 7 дана

    smh lmao

  58. Erio Staples

    Erio StaplesПре 7 дана

    sh*t i completely lost it! literally: lmao🤣 haha

  59. Erio Staples

    Erio StaplesПре 7 дана

    ksi: says to himself must say flipping hell in every video

  60. Magnus Stroier

    Magnus StroierПре 7 дана

    I laughed so hard at his laugh 😆😂

  61. Joshua Charnesky

    Joshua CharneskyПре 7 дана

    Fuck I laughed

  62. Scorpion MC

    Scorpion MCПре 7 дана

    that laugh LOL

  63. Amit Kumar

    Amit KumarПре 7 дана

    Me just full confused when jj pulls in the chair

  64. Ahsan Bilal

    Ahsan BilalПре 7 дана

    i laughed

  65. Coco CODM

    Coco CODMПре 7 дана

    5:02 i died

  66. IsaacGames

    IsaacGamesПре 8 дана

    dude i literalty CRIED WHEN JJ LAUGHED

  67. Слађана Ђурић

    Слађана ЂурићПре 8 дана

    It worked..

  68. DaLosSsKiD

    DaLosSsKiDПре 8 дана

    F*** off I laugh

  69. NagitosPoptart _

    NagitosPoptart _Пре 8 дана

    why did i laugh at the fucking chair.

  70. Immage

    ImmageПре 8 дана


  71. Nikola Zajrinov

    Nikola ZajrinovПре 8 дана

    I laughed my head off.

  72. BlueFire Entertainment

    BlueFire EntertainmentПре 8 дана

    Ffsss that worked 😂😂

  73. Prinsxx

    PrinsxxПре 8 дана

    Jj laughs at chair u laugh me dead

  74. Mz Plat

    Mz PlatПре 9 дана

    5:23 *FUCK* it worked

  75. Remy Hemopo

    Remy HemopoПре 9 дана

    I was trying so hard not to laugh at the chair when he started laughing.

  76. Bryan Junior

    Bryan JuniorПре 9 дана

    5:02 deadman 🤣🤣

  77. Rapter Gaming

    Rapter GamingПре 9 дана

    Ayo why the f*ck did i laugh at that chair

  78. Speed_z

    Speed_zПре 9 дана


  79. ConsumedAtom881

    ConsumedAtom881Пре 9 дана

    Yo I laughed so hard

  80. Mitcheall Bamine

    Mitcheall BamineПре 9 дана

    i laughed

  81. Kenny Kennedy

    Kenny KennedyПре 9 дана

    5:20 you win jj I laughed so hard I don’t even exist anym

  82. MR PANDA_X

    MR PANDA_XПре 9 дана

    5:20 yes I did laugh

  83. Zero Two

    Zero TwoПре 9 дана

    The chair worked

  84. SimplyBlox

    SimplyBloxПре 10 дана

    omg i was eating the laugh rlly worked now i am choked by food

  85. mac jenkens

    mac jenkensПре 10 дана

    8:09 is he throwing up blood

  86. patric comin lol

    patric comin lolПре 10 дана

    Bro your power damn its powerful a laugh

  87. Alexander Liptai

    Alexander LiptaiПре 10 дана

    Thought u said that u couldn't fake ur laugh

  88. Obito Uchiha

    Obito UchihaПре 10 дана

    Belle delphine is making an adult film with some one in 2021

  89. Anyanka Roblox

    Anyanka RobloxПре 10 дана

    he really does have a power...

  90. Elisha gyimah

    Elisha gyimahПре 10 дана

    yo his laugh actually made me laugh

  91. Jason Wright

    Jason WrightПре 10 дана

    Tbh I was kinda weirded out when he laughed at an inatimat object

  92. dark sans1738

    dark sans1738Пре 10 дана

    It's 2021 and I still laughed at his laugh

  93. Ollie Amor

    Ollie AmorПре 10 дана

    No joke I laughed lmao

  94. Jimmy Escalona

    Jimmy EscalonaПре 10 дана

    Fuck I laughed at a chair 😢

  95. Adam Szi wei

    Adam Szi weiПре 10 дана

    holy shit that laugh is funny

  96. Kriken

    KrikenПре 11 дана

    I know that I am late, but when he laughed at the chair i fucking died of the laughing 😂😂😂

  97. Imad Nurhafiz

    Imad NurhafizПре 6 дана

    Same lol


    FARISH HAIKALПре 11 дана

    How the chair part make laugh HOWWWWWWW

  99. Amanda Young

    Amanda YoungПре 12 дана

    Why tf did I just die of laughter to a chair??? Lol

  100. Robinson Huynh

    Robinson HuynhПре 12 дана

    i laughed at da ting once and the second time it was fucking normal

  101. Prosl009 ___

    Prosl009 ___Пре 12 дана

    Since Jj said he is the strongest sidemen imagine if THE ROCK joined the sidemen

  102. Jary XD

    Jary XDПре 12 дана


  103. AlanIsGoat

    AlanIsGoatПре 12 дана

    5:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  104. paul jackson

    paul jacksonПре 12 дана

    I laughed at him laughing at the chair but that chair though, hilarious